Download KVPY Syllabus for Stream SA, SB and SX | Updated Pdf

KVPY Syllabus for Stream SA, SB and SX | Download Pdf 

Kishore Vigyan Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) is a scholarship program funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, to attract exceptionally motivated students to pursue basic science courses and research careers in science. Students who have cleared the KVPY qualification examination and interview are eligible for direct admission to top institutes like IISc and various IISERs.

The purpose of the KVPY scholarship program is to identify students with talent and aptitude for research; Help them realize their educational potential; Encourage them to pursue research careers in science, and ensure the growth of the best scientific minds for research and development in the country. In this article we discuss about KVPY syllabus for Stream SA, SB and SX with updated pdf.

KVPY syllabus

KVPY Eligibility Criteria

● SA – Candidates should study science stream in class 11. A candidate must have secured minimum 75% in Mathematics and Science subjects in the 10th board examination. The minimum required marks for SC, ST and PWD is 65%. 

● SX – Candidates should study science stream in class 12. A candidate should have secured minimum 75% in Mathematics and Science subjects in class 10th board examination. The minimum required marks for SC, ST and PWD is 65%. To avail the scholarship, a candidate must secure a minimum of 60% in Mathematics and Science subjects in the Class 12th board examination to take the fellowship. The minimum required marks for SC, ST and PWD is 50%. 

● SB – Candidates should study in any of the basic science courses in their 1st year of undergraduate degree. A candidate should get minimum 60% marks in Mathematics and Science subjects in class 12th board examination. The minimum required marks for SC, ST and PWD is 50%. To avail the scholarship, a candidate must secure a minimum of 60% in the first year of their undergraduate course to take the fellowship. The minimum required marks for SC, ST and PWD is 50%.

Exam Pattern For KVPY Exam: 

  1. Subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology 
  2. Type of Questions – Objective (MCQs) 
  3. Mode of Examination – Computer-based test 
  4. Exam Duration – 3 hours 
  5. Number of Questions – 80 questions (SA stream) and 120 questions (SB and SX stream) Marks 100 (SA stream) and 120 (SB and SX stream) 
  6. Exam Languages – English and Hindi 
  7. Marking Scheme – 1 mark awarded for each correct answer (Part 1) 2 marks awarded for each correct answer (Part 2) 
  8. Negative Marking –  ¼ mark deducted for each incorrect answer (Part 1) ½ mark deducted for each incorrect answer (Part 2)

KVPY Syllabus
The KVPY written exam is an aptitude test, there is no prescribed syllabus for the exam. The purpose of the written examination is to test the student’s understanding and analytical ability. Students class X / XII / BSc / B.S. / B.Stat. / B.Math. / Int. MMSc. / M.S. Testing is done for the course up to the first year. But here we are provides the most important topics to score high in KVPY Scholarship Exam. The KVPY 2023 examination is conducted in 3 different streams SA, SX, and SB. Each stream includes questions from Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

KVPY SA Syllabus :
KVPY SA Syllabus 2023 comprises Four subjects – Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology. Topics covered in these Four subjects from Class 10th and class 11th are all included in the syllabus of the KVPY exam 2023. Candidates who wish to appear for the KVPY examination are advised to go through the KVPY SA syllabus 2023 before starting their preparation. As the official KVPY Notification will be announced with the admission notification, candidates can refer to the syllabus given below during the interim period to start their  KVPY preparation. The syllabus of KVPY exam for Stream SA covers all the topics & chapters of Class X & XI. The syllabus of Stream A is given here:

Physics: magnetic effects of energy, sources of energy, reflection, refraction, electromagnetic induction, applications in daily life, kinematics, laws of motion, functions, energy and power, physical world and measurement, gravity, thermodynamics. 

Chemistry: Chemical Reactions, Metals and Nonmetals, Periodic Classification of Elements, Carbon Compounds, Acids, Matter and Salts, Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Thermodynamics, States of Matter: Gases and Liquids, Classification in Properties and Quality, Environmental Chemistry Classification in. 

Biology: Control and Coordination in Animals and Plants, Reproduction and Development, Reproduction, Life Processes, Our Environment, Plant Physiology, Diversity of Organisms, Cells: Structure and Function, Human Physiology. 

Mathematics: Introduction to Real Numbers, Polynomials, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Quadratic Equations, Probability, Surface Areas and Volumes, Coordinate Geometry, Mathematical Logic, Statistics and Probability, Trigonometric Functions.


KVPY SX Syllabus 
KVPY SX Exam is one of the toughest competitive exams. Before you start your KVPY SX preparations, students are recommended to know and understand each topic the SX syllabus has to offer by our experts. The intent of the KVPY SX Syllabus is to assist KVPY SX 2023 aspirants to comprehend the content that is to be covered. A foolproof strategy must be planned and its execution is important for good Score in KVPY exam. KVPY SX syllabus renders a fair knowledge of , along with important topics to be prioritized. The syllabus of KVPY exam for Stream SX covers all the topics & chapters of Class X to XII. The syllabus of Stream X is given here:

Physical world and Measurement, Refraction, Gravitation, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetic induction, Kinematics, Reflection of light, Electromagnetic induction, Current electricity, Work, energy and power  Laws of motion  Magnetic effects of current, Electrostatics, Sources of energy etc.

Diversity in living organisms, Genetics and Evolution, Cell- structure and function, Animal Physiology, Plant Physiology, Reproduction in Animals,  Reproduction in plants, Human Physiology, Biology and human welfare, Control and coordination in animals and plants, Ecology, Environmental science,

Mathematics : Statistics and Probability Geometry, Linear Programming, Vectors and 3D Geometry, Calculus, Relations and Functions, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometric Functions Mathematical Reasoning, Real Number, Introduction to Trigonometry, Surface Areas and Volumes, Statistics and Quadratic Equations, Polynomials etc.

Chemistry :
Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Classification of elements and Periodicity in properties, States of matter: Gases and Liquids, Chemical kinetics, Isolation of elements, Chemical reactions,  Thermodynamics, Surface chemistry, Periodic classification of elements, Carbon compounds, Metals and non-metals, Environmental chemistry, Solid state, Electrochemistry

KVPY SB Syllabus :

The first step toward KVPY SB exam Preparation is to understand KVPY SB 2023 Syllabus. Here we have divided the syllabus of KVPY SB into 4 parts, Physics, chemistry, biology and Mathematics. The topics covered in Class 11 and Class 12 and Undergraduate students. Candidates who are appearing for the exam must be aware of the latest KVPY SB Syllabus in order to crack the exam with great scores. This is why we are here to provide you with all the necessary information regarding KVPY 2023 Syllabus PDF for Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology. Candidates can also download the KVPY Syllabus 2023 Pdf to study in offline mode as well. Continue reading this article to know more information about the KVPY Exam syllabus.
In-Stream SB, the KVPY exam covers all the corresponding syllabus of Class 10th/12th/1st year of UG course. The topics & chapters of Stream SB syllabus is here.
Biology :  Life Processes in Living Organisms, plant physiology, Human Physiology, Control and Coordination in Animals and Plants, Genetics and Evolution, Ecology and Environment, Plant Reproduction, Reproduction in Animals, Diversity in Living Organisms, Cell: Structure and Function, Biology and Human Welfare, Biotechnology, Genetics, Basic Concepts of Biology.
Mathematics : Basic Mathematics and Statistics, Analytical geometry in two dimension, Coordinate Geometry, Calculus, Evaluation of integrals, Geometry, Introduction to Trigonometry, Linear Programming, Mathematical Reasoning Probability,  Real Number, Vector Algebra, Relations and Functions, Statistics and Probability, Vectors and 3D Geometry, Surface Areas and Volumes, Trigonometric Functions, Vector Algebra, Statistics and Quadratic Equations, Polynomials.
Physics: Physical World and Measurement, Sources of Energy, Refraction, Electromagnetic Induction, Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Magnetic Effects of Current, Work, Energy and Power, Gravitation, Thermodynamics, Reflection, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Electromagnetic Induction, Waves & Optics, Electricity, Magnetism, Electrostatics, Thermal Physics, Basic Concepts of  physics etc.
Chemistry : Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Periodic Classification of Elements, 
Chemical Reactions, Carbon compounds, Acids, Bases and Salts, States of Matter: Gases and Liquids, Classification of Elements, Metals and Non-Metals, Environmental Chemistry, Solid State, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, , Surface Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Chemistry of Noble Gases, Structure & Bonding, Alkenes, Cycloalkenes, Dienes and Alkynes, Thermodynamics .
How to prepare for KVPY Exam
To get scholarship You have to clear many exams, in which the most popular is KVPY exam. Thousands of students fill up the KVPY Application form every year and only a few of them can pass this exam. The way of studying is different and Students who are unable to clear KVPY exam, they do not understand how to prepare for KVPY exam.  
It is not so easy to pass KVPY exam, many students even go to the best tuition institute for KVPY exam preparation, yet they are not able to clear the exam. To clear this exam, you have to go through the exam Pattern and syllabus of the exam. So let’s know how to prepare for KVPY 2023 exam.
1. Understand the Exam Pattern 
The first important thing to clear the KVPY exam is to understand the pattern and syllabus of this exam, it is important that students miss out. It is very important to understand its format to clear any exam. The format and syllabus of this exam should be completely clear, only then you can pass this exam, many students give KVPY exam without knowing the pattern and syllabus of this exam.
2. Make study time tables
As we all know, in order to clear any exam, we have to study well and a good study is done by making a time table. Most students make the mistake that they read without the time table when they want to Sit down to read, which is not the right way, to clear the KVPY exam, it is very important to create a time table and you have to follow this time table daily only then you can clear KVPY exam easily.
3. Practice mock test
After studying syllabus, practice KVPY mock test daily, you will get an idea of ​​how much time you can take to finish your KVPY Exam, Always make a time limit while doing KVPY mock test. By practicing KVPY Mock test for SA, SB and SX, you will get an idea of ​​what kind of questions will come in KVPY Exam.
4. Use KVPY Guidebook
A complete study material is required to succeed in KVPY competitive examination. Select books, which include many examples and questions with proper explanation and concepts of all subjects of Chemistry,  physics,  biology and Mathematics. Thus, if you are dedicated to crack the KVPY exam then you have to buy the best study material for KVPY preparation as the appropriate study material reduces your time and efforts to learn.
5. KVPY Revision
It is also very important to read the previously read KVPY topics. Revision is an important part of smart strategy for kvpy exam preparation, so that you can scores good in every exam. It is not possible from an experimental perspective to always memorize any material by reading it once. Now the question arises that how to revise? Answers are KVPY notes. Repeat the necessary information with KVPY notes that you made during the study. Revision removes your doubts and increases accuracy and speed, which leads to better results and also increases your confidence level in the KVPY examination and get great KVPY Result.
After receiving all this information, it is necessary that you take every possible step towards fulfilling your dreams. Believe that you can do it without hard work and can touch the sky. KVPY is also an exam in which you have to dedicate only a few hours of your day to succeed and this time can also save you from the hard work of a lifetime.
FAQs on KVPY Syllabus:
1. Is the KVPY exam difficult?
Answer : KVPY is the most famous and slightly difficult exam among Class 10, Class 11th, class 12th and Undergraduate students because there is no limit to the stream background, from any stream, any student can apply for this exam. This makes the competition very tough. It is important that you start preparing for your exam ahead of time.
2. Is coaching necessary for the KVPY exam?
Answer : There is no coaching required to succeed in KVPY. You just have to study hard and give a lot of time for Mock Test and concepts understanding. You can follow some YouTube channels for guidance and help in knowing the pattern and level of exam, which is becoming very helpful in today’s time.
3. How can I top KVPY?
Answer : Study of various topics of Physics, Chemistry,  Biology and Mathematics, practice all high frequency words and solve questions. Repeat them so that the rules are remembered in your mind. Practice Mock Test etc.

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