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Check your knowledge by solving MCQ on Lichens with answers Pdf. Below MCQs will help learners for preparing NEET examinations and will be able to score better as all the resources required to study of Lichens are provided here. We tried to simplify the complexities of some of the topics in the form of Lichens multiple choice questions and answers so that preparation becomes easy for the NEET aspirants.

These MCQs on Lichens  are also useful for preparing for various competitive exams like KVPY, CET, NTSE, NET, SET. So, we are providing MCQ Questions on Lichens that will help you to understand the basic concepts of Lichens and even help you get a good score with sufficient practice questions for each topic.

MCQ on Lichens for NEET pdf

1. Lichens are a well known combination of an alga and a fungus where fungus has________

(1) a saprophytic relationship with the alga

(2) an epiphytic relationship with the alga

(3) a parasitic relationship with the alga

(4) a symbiotic relationship with the alga

Answer : 4

2. Most of the Lichens consist of__________

(1) blue-green algae and basidomycetes

(2) blue-green algae and ascomycetes

(3) red algae and ascomycetes

(4) brown algae and phycomycetes

Answer : 2

3. Reindeer moss is a lichen known as_______

(1) Usnea

(2) Rocella

(3) Cladonia

(4) Parmelia

Answer: 3

4. Which of the following statement about lichens is incorrect______

(1) Lichens are indicators of pollution

(2) They grow rapidly about 2cm every day

(3) Some species are eaten by reindeers

(4) They have symbiotic relationship between alga and fungus

Answer: 2

5. Which one of the following is not true about  lichens? 

(1) Their body is composed of both algal  and fungal cells

(2) Some form food for reindeers in arctic  regions

(3) Some species can be used as pollution  indicators

(4) These grow very fast at the rate of about  2 cm per year

Answer : 4

6. In the studies on the atmospheric pollution, lichens are important as they

(1) can readily multiply in polluted atmosphere

(2) are very sensitive to pollutants

(3) efficiently purify the atmosphere

(4) can also be grown in greatly polluted atmosphere

Answer: 2

7. Vegetative reproduction in lichens takes place by__________

(1) isidia

(2) soredia

(3) fragmentation

(4) all of the above

Answer: 4

8. Lichens indicate SO2 pollution because they________

(1) show association between algae and  fungi

(2) grow faster than others

(3) are sensitive to SO2

(4) flourish in SO2 rich environment

Answer : 3

9. Which of the following are most suitable  indicators of SO2 pollution in the environment?

(1) Conifers 

(2) Algae 

(3) Fungi 

(4) Lichens

Answer: 4

10. Which one single organism or the pair of organisms is correctly assigned to its taxonomic group?

(1) Paramoecium and Plasmodium belong to the same kingdom as that of Penicillium

(2) Lichen is a composite organism formed 

from the symbiotic association of an algae and a protozoan

(3) Yeast used in making bread and beer is  a fungus

(4) Nostoc and Anabaena are examples of  protista

Answer: 3

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