Biology Topics for Students

What is a Biology?

  • Biology is a science that studies the structure, function, occurrence,,, and development of living things (including plants, animals,s, and microorganisms). 
  • It is a kind of discipline that explores the laws of biological development in nature based on the laws of biological development 
  • Biology has a very close relationship with many aspects of human life.
  •  Biology, as basic science, has traditionally been the basis of agronomy and medicine, involving planting, animal husbandry, fishery, medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, hygiene,e and so on.
  • Population, food, environmental, and energy issues are global issues that attract worldwide attention.
  •  At present, the world’s population is growing at an annual rate of about 20%, and the population will double every 35 years.
  •  The population of the earth is growing at an unprecedented rate The speed is soaring. 
  • The population problem is a social problem as well as an ecological problem. 
  • People must conduct careful and quantitative research on the intricate relationship between human beings and the environment, to have a clear understanding of the earth and the fate of human beings, to learn to Control yourself to keep the population at a reasonable number.
  •  Biology should and may make its own contribution in this regard.
  •  Achievements in endocrinology and reproductive biology have led to the invention of the oral contraceptive, which has facilitated the development of family planning in Worldwide promotion. 
  • Among the population problems, in addition to the surge in number, genetic diseases also seriously threaten the quality of the population.
  •  Some data show that the proportion of patients with various genetic diseases in newborns ranges from 3% to 10.5%.

Biology Topics 

What are genetic materials? What is ATP?
What is cyanobacteria structures, functions, and types What is Industrial melanism
What is PCR? What are Nucleotides?
Transgenic Animals: Definition and functions What is Biotechnology?
Eukaryotic cell: Definition, Structure, and Functions What is Binnary Fission?
Meiosis: stages, Processes, and functions Karyokinesis process and functions
Phases of Mitosis and examples Flagella Structure and functions
Somatics cells definitions and functions ER: Structure, functions, and Types
Prokaryotic cells: structure and functions Functions of MitochondiaNucleus structure and functions
Ribosomes: Structure and functions Lysosome: Structure and functions
DNA replications: Enzymes, process overview Photosynthesis: Definition and functions
kingdom Animalia: classifications Animal cell: structure and functions
RNA: structure, types, and functions Cell: Definitions, Functions, and Types
Plant cells: structure and functions What are Asexual Reproductions?
Reproductive and Child health care Disinfectant: Definitions and classifications
Sterilizations: Definitions, physicals, and chemicals method continuous sterilizations
Batch and continuous Sterilizations What is Bioreactor?
Applications of computer control What are Epitopes?
What are fermentations? Factors affecting fermentation
What is a B cell? What is Enrichment culture?

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