Ethylene oxide – Sterlization, Structure, Uses

Ethylene oxide Sterilization, Process, Uses, and Side Effects:  What is ETO (Ethylene oxide)? Ethylene oxide is an odorless gas, composed of C, H, and O (C2H40). which is capable of eliminating microorganisms in a very short time.  Ethylene oxide is slightly sweet in taste when it is very concentrated. Ethylene oxide is easily soluble in … Read more

Hyperconjugation chemistry

Hyperconjugation  Hyperconjugation is the stabilizing interaction that results from action of the electrons in a sigma bond (usually C- H or with an adjacent empty (or partially filled) non-bonding π-Orbital or antibonding p-orbital to give an extended molecular orbital that increases the stability of the system. Let us take the example of CH3, -CR2 in … Read more