Online Home tuition in Jalna

Online Home tution in Jalna Jalna is located in the central part of the independent state of Maharashtra. It is also located in the northern part of Marathwada. The geographical and linear position of the area is 1901 North to 2103 North Latitude and 7504 East to 7604 East. The Jalna region was part of … Read more

Best Online home tuition in Akola

Akola district area is in West Vidarbha! The area is still known as “Cotton City”. Akola has been part of Vidarbha since antiquity. If we look at the history, we can understand that in ancient times the city was named Akola by Raja Akol Singh. The city of Akola is divided into two parts, the … Read more

Online Home tution in Aurangabad

Aurangabad is known as the fastest growing city in 400 years in Asia. Aurangabad’s declare as a tourist district paved the way for access to infrastructure at all levels.   Aurangabad is a district rich in historic, cultural architecture, sculptural heritage and a wide variety of forests and wildlife and femous for Educational Activities.   … Read more