Convalescent Plasma – Therapy, Advantages, Side Effects

What is Convalescent Plasma therapy- Principle, Advantages, and Side Effects:  What is Convalescent plasma? Convalescent plasma is a transfusion of blood plasma from someone who has recovered from viral infections. Plasma therapy has been used for decades to treat infectious diseases. Plasma therapy was also used to treat SARS, MERS, and H1N1 epidemics. Plasma therapy … Read more

Redioimmunoassay Definition, History, Principle, Applications

Radioimmunoassay: History, Principle, Applications: In this article, we are going to discuss another immunological Technique which is known as radioimmunoassay this technique is used to determine the concentration of antigen present in the sample. This technique is so sensitive that it can detect the 0.001 micrograms of antigen per ml of sample. What is Radioimmunoassay (RIA) : … Read more

Adjuvants: Definition, Types, Mechanism, Role, Examples

What are Adjuvants, Definition, Classification, Types, Examples, Functions: Adjuvants Definition: An adjuvant is a substance that enhances the immune response to the antigen. Adjuvants are the substances that increase immunogenicity of a vaccine formulation when added/mixed to it. What are adjuvants? The word adjuvant (adjuvant) is derived from the Greek word “adjuvant”. Adjuvants can be … Read more

What are Epitopes, Definition, Types, Numbers and Roles

Epitopes are the special chemical group present on antigen molecules that determine antigen specificity, They are rich in charged polar amino acids and mostly form a ring structure. According to their structural characteristics, they are usually divided into linear and conformational epitopes. Among them, conformational epitopes located on the surface of antigen molecules account for … Read more

Hematopoiesis : Basics of Hematopoiesis, Sites, Process and types

Hematopoiesis : What is Hematopoiesis, Definition, Site, Process, and types :  What is Hematopoiesis ?  Hematopoiesis (or hemopoiesis) is defined as it is the biological process by which Red blood cells, White blood cells, and platelets are formed.  It covers all phenomena related to the origin, multiplication, and maturation of primordial cells or precursors of … Read more