How to calculate percentage with examples | Pdf

How to calculate percentage with Examples | Pdf One of the most demanded topic in Mathematics and mostly asked in national and international level entrance exams is calculation of percentages is a topic that still generates a lot of doubt, not only for students and pre-university students, but for everyone. This is because the action of … Read more

How to calculate Z-score and probability

What is Z Score : Some statistical tests are used more commonly than the Z score. The Z score is a very simple means of standardizing the distribution of a collection of numerical values that describe a “population”. Assuming that these numbers are distributed symmetrically around their average (or “normal”), you can convert any number … Read more

Mathematics : Definition, History & Branches of Math

Mathematics is a deductive logical science, which uses symbols to generate an exact theory of deduction and inference based on definitions, axioms, postulates, and rules that transform primitive elements into more complex relationships and theorems. This science teaches the individual to think logically and therefore to develop problem solving and decision making skills. Numerical skills … Read more