10 tips for exam preparation in 2 weeks

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10 tips for exam preparation in 2 weeks

How to prepare for the exam In the last few weeks/months, we have given you information about how to prepare for the exam, how to plan your studies, how to plan a study, and how to prepare for the final national examinations. However, with only a few weeks or a few days before exam day, we also want to suggest how to prepare for the exam in a short time. This is not the ideal scenario, but if you do not have much time to study and are concerned, we have made this list with useful tips for preparing for the exam in less time.
10 tips for exam preparation in 2 weeks
10 study tips for exam preparation in 2 weeks
Study Tip #1
Prepare a strategy and study schedule according to the time remaining until the exam.
Study Tip #2
Do not try to study everything in two weeks. It is impossible! Instead, pay attention to the material appearing in the previous exams. With very little time to study it makes no sense to study subjects that never make it to the exam. Pay attention only to those who appear in all the exams.
Study Tip #3
Take the last five exams and prepare correct answers to each question. Remember to use books!
Study Tip #4
Ask your friends to share their notes and summaries of topics you were unable to study.
Study Tip #5
Uses online flashcards to remember key concepts, formulas, and dates. You can also use them on your way to the exam to conduct a final review.
Study Tip #6
Keep your learning style in mind. If you are a visual person, mind maps will help you commit to ideas and assimilate information better.
Study Tip #7
Before you start studying a subject, ask yourself questions about the subject and try to answer them while studying. In this way, you will be able to understand and remember the theme better.
Study Tip #8
Conducts a group study session. It will be beneficial for all and fun too!
Study Tip # 9
Instead of creating yours, try to find online study resources. We have a lot of them on exam time!
Study Tip # 10
If you do not pay attention to your brain, you will not be able to function properly. Do not forget to sleep and eat!
Following these tips does not guarantee success in access to higher education such as national exams or others, but they do help. And now, go back to study. There is no time to lose!. Remember that exam time can help you improve your learning ability. Register now or sign in to start using our free study tool.

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