A perfectly black body MCQ for NEET

A perfectly black body MCQ 

For preparation of NEET exam and boardexam, you must refer to some good Multiple Choice Questions bank to understand the pattern of exam, practice the questions and know the weightage of each topic in the exams. So, if you are preparing for Class 11 and 12 board exams and preparing for NEET you should refer to some good question bank books with multiple-choice questions, objective questions, explanations and more to score good marks. 

If you are looking for Multiple Choice Questions on perfectly black body Here we collected some important MCQ on perfectly black body for you. The MCQ questions on black body included in this page have been selected based on the popular questions asked in various competitive exams over the years.

Perfectly black body MCQ

MCQs on Black body 

1. The emissivity of a perfectly black body is______

(a) 0

(b) 1

(c) 2

(d) 5

Answer: B

2. A perfect black body is one which______________

(a) Is black in colour

(b) Reflects all heat

(c) Transmits all heat radiations

(d) Absorbs heat radiations of all wave lengths falling on it

Answer: D

3. Four copper plates of the same dimensions are painted.with red, green, white and black colours. All of them are heated upto a temperature of 300°C and then allowed to cool in the surrounding, which is at room temperature. Which plate would cool at the earliest?

(a) Green

(b) While

(c) Black

(d) Red

Answer: C

4. Good absorbers of heat are________

(a) bad emitters

(b) good emitters

(c) highly polished

(d) good conductors

Answer: B

5. A black body is defined as a body_________

(a) which does not emit any radiation

(b) which absorbs all the radiations, of all wavelengths incident upon it

(c) which absorbs radiations only from infrared and ultra violet region

(d) Which emits radiations only in the visible region

Answer: B

6. The emissive power of a body is the quantity of radiant energy emitted by the body_______

(a) per unit time

(b) per unit area

(c) per unit area at a given temperature

(d) per unit area per unit time at a given temperature

Answer: D

7. The SI unit of emissive power is______

(a) joule/ms

(b) watt/m²

(c) watt m²

(d) watt/ m²/second 

Answer: B

8. The emissive power of a perfectly black body at 300°C, is 6 watt/m². What is the emissive power of another body having emissivity of 0.7 and kept at the s0ame temperature?

(a) 2.1 watt/m²

(b) 3.00 watt/m²

(c) 4.2 watt/m²

(d) 3.5 watt/m²

Answer: C

9. A perfect black body is one that______________

(a) Transmits all incident radiations

(b) Absorbs all incident radiations

(c) Reflects all incident radiations

(d) Absorbs, reflects and transmits all incident radiations

Answer: B

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