What is the difference between conjunctivitis and scleritis?

What is the difference between conjunctivitis and scleritis? Conjunctivitis and scleritis are both common eye diseases. Conjunctivitis is an inflammatory disease that occurs outside the conjunctival tissue. Scleritis is caused by an infection of the sclera. Both conditions can cause certain effects and damage to the patient’s eyes. According to different diseases, the appropriate treatment … Read more

5 Difference between Bacteria and Fungi

Difference Between Bacteria and Fungus: According to scientists, millions of species of living beings currently live on our planet. Given their individual characteristics: body structure, life characteristics, habitats, genetic material, and many others, taxonomists divide living organisms into kingdoms. Here, In this article, we explain the differences between bacteria and fungi.   Similarities between bacteria … Read more

Neoadjuvant vs Adjuvant

Difference Between Adjuvants and Neoadjuvants:  Neoadjuvant Therapy Adjuvant Therapy If doctors deliver the therapy before the primary treatment, they refer to this as neoadjuvant therapy. Adjuvant therapy is any therapeutic method used after the surgical resection of a cancerous tumor. Neoadjuvant therapies are delivered before the main treatment, to help reduce the size of a … Read more

Angina vs Myocardial Infarction

Difference Between Angina and Myocardial Infarction:  Angina pectoris and Acute Myocardial Infarction are different forms of the same set of cardiovascular diseases known as Ischemic Heart Disease. The heart is the muscle that pumps blood rich in oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the organs and tissues. To contract and function properly, the heart … Read more

5 Major Differences between Live Attenuated and Killed Vaccines

Difference Between Live Attenuated and Killed Vaccines:  Attenuated Vaccine Killed Vaccines Attenuated Vaccines are also known as live vaccines. Inactivated Vaccines are also known as dead vaccines. Live, attenuated vaccines contain living pathogens. Inactivated vaccines contain a killed version of the pathogen. A live attenuated vaccine is a live vaccine made by reducing the virulence … Read more

Difference Between Active and Passive Transport for Class 11

Difference Between Active and Passive Transport for Class 11 :  Active Transport Passive Transport Active transport involves in movement of molecules across the cell membrane, pumping the molecules against the concentration gradient using ATP (energy) is called Active transport. Passive transport involves in the movement of molecules within and across the cell membrane and thus transporting … Read more