Neoadjuvant vs Adjuvant

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Difference Between Adjuvants and Neoadjuvants

Neoadjuvant TherapyAdjuvant Therapy
If doctors deliver the therapy before the primary treatment, they refer to this as neoadjuvant therapy.Adjuvant therapy is any therapeutic method used after the surgical resection of a cancerous tumor.
Neoadjuvant therapies are delivered before the main treatment, to help reduce the size of a tumor or kill cancer cells that have spread.Adjuvant therapies are delivered after the primary treatment, to destroy the remaining cancer cells.
Neoadjuvant therapy includes: radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapyAdjuvant therapy includes radiation therapy, targeted therapy, biological therapy, etc.
Neoadjuvant therapy improves the success of the surgery.Adjuvant therapy reduces the risk of recurrence.
The aim of neoadjuvant therapy is to reduce the size or extent of the tumor before the main intervention.Adjuvant treatment is done to destroy cancer cells that may still be present in the body after this intervention.

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