Rewrite the Sentences exercises with answers Pdf

 Rewrite the Sentence : 1. Write sentences as required. (1) It is a miracle. (Change to Related question)___________________________________ (2) Maple leaves are red. (extend the sentence)____________________ (3) He won the “Top Ten Hosts”. (Modify the wrong sentence)__________________________________ (4) Write a parallel sentence based on “Spring is here, the earth is full of life”._______________________ (5) The … Read more

Rephrases the Sentence

Rephrases sentences as required:  1. The most unforgettable thing in my six-year primary school life is the smiles of my friends. (abbreviation)_________ 2. Teacher Sagar called Rishabh to the office. (Change to the word “by”)_______ 3. The earth is green. (change to figurative sentence)_________ Answer:  1. The most memorable thing is laughter.   2. Rishabh was … Read more