Rephrases the Sentence

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Rephrases sentences as required

1. The most unforgettable thing in my six-year primary school life is the smiles of my friends. (abbreviation)_________

2. Teacher Sagar called Rishabh to the office. (Change to the word “by”)_______

3. The earth is green. (change to figurative sentence)_________


1. The most memorable thing is laughter.  

2. Rishabh was called to the office by Teacher Sagar.

3. The earth is covered with a green carpet

2. Rephrases sentences as required. 

1. How can we forget this friendship that is higher than the mountain and deeper than the sea? (change to declarative)__________

2. You can’t do this to your mother. (Change to a related question)________

3. He talks eloquently. He showed us a skull. (Consolidate the two sentences into one sentence with a conjunction)___________

4. A clear and lingering river flows slowly into the distance. (abbreviation)________


1. We will never forget this friendship that is higher than the mountain and deeper than the sea.      

2. How can you treat your own mother like this?      

3. As he talks eloquently, he shows us a skull.      

4. The river flows into the distance.

3. Rephrases sentences as required).

1. Ring finger and little finger, gorgeous body, cute appearance. (Modify the wrong sentence)__________________

2. Aren’t dancers’ fingers often orchid-shaped? (change to declarative sentence)________________

3. The thumb is in the five fingers, and the shape is really not beautiful. (abbreviation)_________

4. The winding Great Wall is like _____________. (additional metaphor)


1. Change “gorgeous” to “beautiful”.    

2. The fingers of dancers are often orchid-shaped.    

3. Thumbs are not beautiful.    

4. A long dragon lies between the mountains and mountains

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