DC vs AC Motor | 5 Differences between DC and AC Motor

5 Simple Differences Between AC And DC Motor:

Do you know the difference and characteristics of the DC motor and AC motor? In today’s article, the Electric World will talk about this important difference between AC motors and DC motors. So let’s go!

There is a wide variety of electrical machines, which can be used both as generators and as electric motors. However, they all have very similar and different characteristics and functioning, working from the interaction between moving conductors and magnetic fields!

5 Simple Difference Between AC And DC Motor

Difference Between AC and DC Motor:

DC MotorAC Motor
DC motors are also a rotatory electric motor that converts Direct current (DC energy) into mechanical energy.AC motors can be defined as electric motor which is driven by an alternating current (AC).
DC motor uses DC as the power supplyAC motor uses AC as the power supply.
DC motors are also mainly of two types which are namely DC motors with brushes and DC motors without brushes.AC motors are mainly of two types which are synchronous AC motors and induction motors.
In terms of structure, the principle of the former is relatively simple, but the structure is complex and inconvenient to maintainthe principle of the latter is complex but the structure is relatively simple, and it is easier to maintain than the DC motor.
Commutators and carbon brushes are present in the DC motors.Commutators and brushes are absent in AC motors.
The DC motor is the magnetic field that does not move, the conductor moves in the magnetic fieldAC motor is the magnetic field rotating movement, but the conductor does not move.
In the case of DC motors, speed can be controlled by changing the armature winding’s currentThe speed of an AC motor can be changed by varying the frequency.
DC motor can achieve smooth and economical speed regulation without the cooperation of other equipment.’AC motor cannot complete the speed regulation by itself, it needs to use frequency conversion.
DC motors show a quick response to the change in load.AC motors show a slow response to the change in load.
DC motors are required where there is a need for variable speed and high torque.AC motors are required where there is a need for high speed and variable torque.
They are mostly used in small domestic appliances.They are mainly used in large industries.

What is the Difference Between DC and AC Motor

The essential difference between a DC motor and an AC motor lies in the difference in energy conversion. The former corresponds to DC power, while the latter corresponds to AC power. For motor products, the structure, working principle, and characteristics of DC motors and AC motors are also different.

The main structure of the DC motor is similar to that of the AC motor, and it is also composed of the stator part, the rotor part, and the air gap between the stator and the rotor, but the composition of the stator and the rotor is different. The stator part of the DC motor is mainly composed of the main magnetic pole, the commutation magnetic pole, the frame, the end cover, and the brush device, and the main function is to establish the magnetic field. The main magnetic pole is composed of an iron core and an excitation winding to generate a constant air-gap magnetic flux; the function of the brush device is to complete the conversion between AC and DC, and the commutated magnetic pole is to improve the commutation of the motor; the role of the frame and the end cover Like the AC motor, it is the support of the motor’s mechanical structure.

The rotor part of the DC motor has parts such as an iron core, armature winding, commutator, shaft, and bearing. The iron core is the constituent part of the main magnetic circuit, which is used to place the armature winding; the armature winding is the circuit composition of the motor; the commutator and the brush device of the stator part work together to complete the conversion between AC and DC.

In comparison, the DC motor has good starting characteristics and speed regulation characteristics, the torque of the motor is relatively large, and the DC motor is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than the AC motor. The DC motor has good starting characteristics and speed regulation characteristics. It is used more on film wrapping equipment. However, the manufacturing cost of the DC motor is relatively large, and the carbon brush part is increased. The AC motor (especially the cage motor) is simple in structure, easy to manufacture, cheap, and easy to operate. The power factor of the AC motor is relatively low, especially in the light-load state, the power factor is lower, and the stability and speed regulation performance are also poor. Significant improvement.

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