Difference between Red and White Muscle Fibre

Difference between Red Muscle fibre and White Muscle Fibres

The red muscles are skeletal muscles rich in capillaries, in myoglobin and mitochondria . Capillaries are very small blood vessels that supply oxygenated blood to muscles. The main reason why these muscles are called red muscles is because they contain a lot of myoglobin, which gives a red color. Of course, the rich capillary environment (think: lots of red blood) adds to the color, and the mitochondria also help make these muscles darker in color.

Difference between Red and White Muscle Fibre


Distinguish Between Red Muscle fibre and White Muscle Fibre 

Red Muscle  Fibres White Muscles Fibers
In red Muscle fibre more number of Mitochondria are present. In white Muscles fibre mitochondria is present in less number as compared to red Muscle fibre.
In this sorcoplasmic reticulum is less in number. In white Muscles sorcoplasmic reticulum  is present in Large in number.
Red Muscles are thin and small in size as compared to the white muscle fibre.White Muscles are thick and large in size than white Muscles.
Red in color because of presence of more amount of Myoglobin.White in color because of less amount of Myoglobin is Present.
In red Muscle fibre the process of contraction is slow as compared to white Muscles. In white Muscles rate of muscle contraction is fast.
Red Muscle fibre use more Oxygen.It white Muscles fibre less amount of oxygen involved  as compared to red Muscle fibre.
Red Muscle perform aerobic oxidation without accumulating more lactic acid.White Muscles fibre perform anaerobic oxidation by accumulating more lactic acid.
They have slow twitch fiber that contracts muscle slowly.They have fast twitch fiber which contracts muscle faster than red Muscle fibre.
Example of red Muscle is extensor Muscle.Example of white Muscles is muscle of the eye.
Less amount of energy is produced.More amount of energy is produced as compared to red Muscle because of presence of glycogen.

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