Write the Difference between Tendon and Ligament Class 9 Pdf

Difference Between Tendon and Ligaments Class 9 

Ligaments Tendons
Generally ligament connect  bones Tendons connect skeletal muscle to bones.
Ligaments are elastic in nature.Tendons are tough and elastic in Nature.
Ligaments are yellow in color Tendons are white in colour.
Each joints contains many ligament.Each muscle consists of only one tendon.
Ligaments  carry more amount of Proteoglycan.Tendons consists of less amount of proteoglycan as compared to ligament.
In ligaments there is a scattering of fibroblasts.In tendons fibroblasts are continuously in rows.
In tendon Collagen is present  in less amount as compared to tendonIn Tendons more amount of Collagen is present.

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