Applications of Enzymes in Textile Industries

Applications of enzymes in textile Industries:  As we know enzymes are actively used in the textile industry for desizing, boiling, bleaching, and finishing fabrics. Substances are biocatalysts that speed up processes. One of the main advantages of enzymes is environmental safety: unlike most chemical reagents, they do not pollute the environment and quickly decompose in … Read more

Applications of Enzymes in Food and Beverages Industry

Uses of Enzymes in Food and Beverages: The dynamic development of biotechnology and scientific discoveries in the field of enzymology has made enzyme preparations an indispensable element of many food technologies.  The use of enzymes makes it possible to increase the speed of technological processes, significantly increase the yield of finished products, improve their quality, … Read more

Activation Energy Enzyme – Definition, Formula,

Activation Energy – Definition, Units, Examples:  Activation energy Definition: Activation energy is the energy difference between the ground state conformation and the transition state conformation. Activation energy is defined as the minimum amount of extra energy required to initiate the reactions. What is Activation Energy: Every cell in the human body undergoes thousands of chemical … Read more

What is Active Site of Enzyme – Definition and Function

Active site: Definition, Introduction, Examples, and Functions: Active site Definition: The active site is defined as it is the region of an enzyme where substrate molecules bind and undergo a biochemical reaction through the catalytic site. What is active site of enzyme in biology? The site of an enzyme where a catalytic reaction occurs when the enzyme … Read more

Enzyme Specificity – Definition, Types of Enzyme Specificity

What is Enzyme Specificity – Types and Examples:  What are Enzymes? Enzymes are proteins that catalyze thousands of chemical reactions in the body without changing themselves.  A cell can contain close to three thousand enzymes.  No vitamins, minerals, or hormones work without enzymes. And some enzymes only work together with a mineral or vitamin. That part … Read more

Monomeric Enzymes – Definition, Types, Examples and Role

Monomeric Enzymes: Definition, Types, Examples, and Functions: Definition of Monomeric Enzymes: Enzymes having only one polypeptide chain are called monomeric enzymes. Enzymes containing a single polypeptide chain with only one active center are called monomeric enzymes.  What are monomeric Enzymes? Enzymes containing a single polypeptide chain with only one active center are called monomeric enzymes.  … Read more