MCQ on Opposite Numbers Pdf

Multiple Choice Questions on Opposite Numbers:  1. If m and n are opposite numbers, then m+n=______ A. 0 B. 2 C. 5 D. 10 Answer: A 2. If a and b are opposite numbers to each other, then the following four equations must hold______ A. a+b=0 B. a+b=1 C. |a|+|b|=0 D. |a|+b=0 Answer: A 3. … Read more

MCQ on Positive and Negative Numbers

Positive and Negative Numbers Multiple Choice Questions:  1. Of the following numbers, the negative number is______ A. 0 B. 3 C. -3 D. -(-3) Answer: C 2. Which of the following numbers, the Positive number is_________ A. 15 B. -15 C. -3 D. All of these  Answer: A 3. Which of the following statements is … Read more

MCQ on Rational Numbers Pdf

Rational Number MCQ with Answers Pdf:  1. What are rational numbers? A. The set of integers and the set of fractions together is the set of rational numbers B. The set of positive integers and the set of negative integers together form the set of integers C. Positive and negative numbers are collectively called rational … Read more