MCQ on Opposite Numbers Pdf

Multiple Choice Questions on Opposite Numbers

1. If m and n are opposite numbers, then m+n=______

A. 0

B. 2

C. 5

D. 10

Answer: A

2. If a and b are opposite numbers to each other, then the following four equations must hold______

A. a+b=0

B. a+b=1

C. |a|+|b|=0

D. |a|+b=0

Answer: A

3. If the opposite of a number is non-negative, then the number must be________

A. negative number

B. Positive number

C. non-negative number

D. non-positive number

Answer: D

4. If the opposite of a number is not positive, the number must be________

A. Positive number

B. positive number or 0

C. negative number

D. negative or 0

Answer: B

5. If the absolute value of a rational number is equal to the opposite of the original number, then the number_________

A. must be positive

B. must be negative

C. must not be positive

D. must not be negative

Answer: C

6. Which of the following statements is correct________

A. The absolute values ​​of opposite numbers must be equal

B. The opposite of zero is meaningless

C. A number whose absolute value is equal to itself is zero

D. Two numbers that are opposite to each other must have opposite signs

Answer: A

7. The opposite of the variables is________

A. A constant

B. An extraneous variable

C. A dependent variable

D. A data set

Answer: A

8. What is the opposite integer of 53?

A. −53

B. ± 53

C. Both

D. None 

Answer: A

9. What number is the opposite of 44?

A. ±44

B. -44

C. +44

D. None of these 

Answer: B

10. Find the opposite of the following numbers. 

(i) 100 

(ii) -19 

(iii) 0 

(iv) -312 

(v) 789


(i) Opposite of 100 is – 100 

(ii) Opposite of-19 is + 19 or 19 

(iii) Opposite of 0 is 0 

(iv) Opposite of-312 is + 312 or 312 

(v) Opposite of 789 is – 789.

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