MCQ Questions on Reptilia for NEET | Reptiles MCQ

Reptilia MCQ with Answers For NEET: 1. Reptilian ancestry of birds can be indicated by___________ 1. Eggs with the calcareous shell 2. four-chambered heart 3. scales on their hind limbs 4. presence of crop and gizzard Answer: 3. scales on their hindlimb 2. Snakes belongs to______ 1. Anapsida 2. Synapsids 3. Lepidosauria 4. Archosauria Answer: … Read more

MCQs on Hydraulics and pneumatics

MCQs on Hydraulics and pneumatics pdf Hydraulic and pneumatic technology is a technology with a long history, mature development, and extremely wide application. It has become a basic technology including transmission, control, and detection, which has an important impact on the technological progress of modern mechanical equipment.  Due to its unique principle and performance, its applications … Read more

MCQ on Connective tissue for NEET

Connective Tissue NEET MCQ with Answer: What is Connective Tissue? Connective tissue is one of the basic tissues in most vertebrates, in short, most of the packing material of an organism.  It includes fibers connective and extracellular matrix.   Fibers play a connecting and supporting role in multicellular animals. There is a large amount of “interstitial” … Read more

Class 11 Biology chapter 11. Study of Animal Type : Cockroach MCQ for NEET

MCQs Questions On Cockroach For NEET pdf MCQ on Animal study is becoming the most common part of today’s competitive examinations. Without a basic knowledge of the Study of Animal Type: Cockroach MCQ for NEET Aspirants lags behind in these examinations.  It tests general knowledge on common terms and concepts of Cockroach MCQs NEET Keeping given … Read more

NEET Chapter wise Previous year Questions free Download Pdf

NEET Chapter-wise Questions for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics: Over the many years, one of the most expertly recommended tips to understand the NEET exam Question paper has been solving NEET previous year’s Chapter wise questions. Only practicing these NEET questions will give you a real feel of the pattern and style of the NEET Chapter … Read more