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NEET Biology Questions with Answers:

Despite the increasing career options, being a doctor is a profession whose importance has not diminished even today. Rather, the whole world has seen the importance of this profession in the COVID-19 pandemic in the past. If you are also choosing such an important career option for yourself, then you have to understand that this is not an easily attainable goal at all. 

From studying biology, physics, and chemistry in school to preparing for the NEET entrance exam, the road will be tough. The first step to getting into this profession is to clear the entrance exam of NEET.

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is the national exam held each year by National Testing Agency for MBBS and BDS through which candidates register their presence for admission in undergraduate medical colleges across India. This is the only test by which you can get admission to a big MBBS College like AIIMS. 

NEET entrance exam is conducted every year and about 16 lakh students appear in it every year. Students have to choose Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, or Biology subjects in class XII. However, there is no age limit to appear in the exam. The candidate must have completed 17 years of age to appear in the MBBS exam. There is no limit on the number of times that NEET paper can be given.

There is a total of 180 questions in the test paper. 4 marks are given for each question. The entire paper is 720 marks. NEET UG paper is divided into 3 parts Biology 90 Questions, Chemistry 45 Questions, and Physics  45 Questions. For every correct answer, you will get 4 marks. Whereas for one question wrong, 1 mark is deducted. No number is given for the questions which are skipped. 

This also happens when you answer more than one of the 4 options (multiple choice) of the same question. The NEET Exam has no question which has multiple choices for a single question and neither do you get a chance to change your answer. The final score of the test is added in the following format – Total correct answers x 4 – Total wrong answers x (-1) Marks and ranks in the NEET entrance exam.

Biology is the most important subject for the NEET Exam from which around 50% of the questions appear in the NEET examination every year. So, solving NEET Biology Questions and following some NEET Biology test series will give an edge in the examination to the NEET aspirants. 

The number of questions asked in Biology is 90 every year. So,  it is advisable to work out as many Biology Questions for NEET MCQs as possible through the Biology test series for NEET. Candidates can also go through the important NEET Biology Question Bank pdf given below. The download link for NEET Biology MCQ / NEET Quiz on Biology (with answers) can be found below.

Here we have compiled a list of NEET Biology Questions to give aspirants an idea about the intricacies of the NEET Entrance Exam. In the list of Biology Questions for NEET, we have modeled the questions as per the NEET UG syllabus. The NEET Biology Questions will be regularly updated and more categories will be added, so do keep checking regularly.

NEET Biology Questions


Biology Questions for NEET 2024

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MCQ on CellMCQ on Vitamins with Answers
Nucleus MCQ Questions and AnswersMCQ on Mitochondria
Cell wall NEET Questions PdfCytoplasm Multiple Choice Questions with Answers
MCQ on Vacuoles with AnswersMCQ on Cell Structure and Function
Ribosomes MCQ Questions and AnswersLysosomes Multiple Choice Questions  for NEET
Multiple Choice Questions on Endoplasmic ReticulumMultiple Choice Questions on Algae for NEET
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Cell Cycle and Cell Division NEET MCQ QuestionsMCQ on Neural Control and Coordination
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MCQ on Enzymes with AnswersMultiple Choice Questions on Minerals with Answers
MCQ on NutrientsAnimal Tissue NEET Questions
MCQ on NutritionDemography MCQ Questions and Answers
MCQ on Ultrasound for Competitive examsMCQ on Red Algae
Pteridophytes MCQ QuestionsMCQ on Brown algae for NEET
Bryophytes MCQ Questions and AnswersMCQ on Gymnosperms with Solutions
MCQ on Ozone Layer DepletionMCQ on Environment
Column chromatography MCQMultiple Choice Questions on Polysiphonia with Answers
MCQ on Life ProcessesMCQ on Mycoplasma with Answers
MCQ on AminesDisaster Management NEET Questions
Bioremediation Multiple Choice Questions for NEETPolymerase Chain Reaction NEET Questions
DNA Replication NEET Questions and AnswersMCQ on Biotechnology and Its Applications NEET Questions
Ecosystem NEET MCQ Questions and AnswersBiotechnology principle and processes NEET Questions
MCQ on Pollution for NEETStrategies in food enhancement NEET Questions
MCQ on Chromatography for NEETBiofertilizer MCQ Questions and Answers Pdf
MCQ Questions on HomeostasisMCQ on Paper Chromatography
NEET Questions on Muscles ContractionMicrobes in Human Welfare NEET Questions
MCQ on Meristematic TissuesSexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants NEET MCQ
MCQ on In vitro fertilizationPrinciple of Inheritance MCQ Questions for NEET
Biodiversity and its Conservation NEET QuestionsMCQ on Molecular Basis of Inheritance for NEET
Multiple Choice Questions on Environmental issues for NEET Evolution MCQ for NEET
MCQ on TissueHuman Health and Disease NEET Questions Pdf
Reproductive Health MCQ Questions for NEETMCQ on Phylum Chordata
Reproduction in Organisms NEET QuestionsNEET Questions on Transportation in Plants and Animals
MCQ on Diffusion with AnswersArthropods MCQ Questions for NEET
Phylum Porifera MCQ QuestionsStructural Organization in Animals NEET MCQ
Phylum Annelida MCQ QuestionsLiving World NEET Questions
MCQ on Phylum CoelenterataBiological Classification NEET Questions and Answers
MCQ on Phylum PlatyhelminthesSystematics of Living World NEET Questions

NEET Chapter-wise Previous year Questions Free Download Pdf

As we know Biology has an immense impact on NEET. It carries 90 Questions for 360 marks. To score high in NEET Biology Chapter wise Questions and Answers Pdf Download free are the base for NEET competitive exam. In this scenario, what is needed is to have a proper understanding of the concepts behind the topics and chapters included in NEET Biology. Most of the time, students do not get it in the classroom or during self-study. In such cases, our Biology MCQ for NEET acts as recorded help to students looking out to clear their concepts and can just download the PDF and consult it whenever required.
Practicing our NEET Biology Chapter-wise QuestionsAndd Answers Pdf is one of the best ways to prepare for the NEET exam. As we know there is no substitute for consistent practice and putting in hard work to get a great score in the NEET Biology exam. By practicing the below MCQ questions for the NEET biology chapter-wise pdf, students can improve their speed and accuracy which can help them during their exam. Below you will get hundreds of NEET biology solved MCQs on different topics important for the NEET Point of view. The given link below lists Covering different topics from Biology with corresponding direct links to NEET Biology MCQs.

NEET Biology Chapter Wise Questions and Answers Pdf Download Class 12 :

NEET Biology Chapter wise Questions and Answers Pdf

NEET Biology Chapter chapter-wise for class 11 Pdf

NEET Biology Chapter wise Questions for class 11

NEET Biology Questions 2024 Chapter-wise Weightage

National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts NEET every year for admission to MBBS and BDS courses. NEET 2024 dates have been announced yet. Although earlier the exam was proposed on August 1, which was postponed. It is being told that the NEET exam can be held in September. It is the dream of every candidate appearing in the NEET exam to be included in the list of toppers. But the syllabus of NEET is so much that every candidate can’t cover all the topics of all three subjects. In such a situation, we are telling you about the important topics in the exam. These topics can be very useful for students. Which ones you should take a look at and which topics can be skipped if you do not have enough time? Below are the topics divided based on weightage (the number of questions asked in the exam from any topic). for Class 11 and Class 12.
NEET Biology MCQs Chapterwise Weightage Class 11:
Chapter Name (Class 11)No. Of Questions
asked in NEET
1.The Living World 1-2
2.Biology Classification 3-4
3.Plant Kingdom 2-3
4.Animal Kingdom 4-5
5.Morphology of Flowering Plants 3-5
6.Anatomy of Flowering Plants 2-3
7.Structural Organization in Animals 2
8.Cell: The Unit of Life 4-5
9.Biomolecules 1-2
10.Cell Cycle and Cell Division 2-3
11.Transport in Plants 1-2
12.Mineral Nutrition 1-2
13.Photosynthesis in Higher Plants 2-3
14.Respiration in Plants 1-2
15.Plant Growth and Development 2-3
16.Digestion and Absorption 2
17.Breathing and Exchange of Gases 3
18.Body Fluids and Circulation 3-4
19.Excretory Products and their Elimination 4-5
20.Locomotion and Movement 4-5
21.Neural Control and Co-ordination 2
22.Chemical Coordination and Integration 3
NEET Biology MCQs Chapterwise Weightage Class 12:
Chapter Name (Class 12)No. Of Questions
asked in NEET
1.Reproduction in Organisms1-2
2.Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants3-4
3.Human Reproduction3
4.Reproductive Health2-3
5.Principle of Inheritance and Variation2-3
6.Molecular Basis of Inheritance9-10
8.Human Health and Disease2-3
9.Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production3-4
10.Microbes in Human Welfare1-2
11.Biotechnology Principles and Processes6-7
12.Biotechnology and Its Applications5-6
13.Organisms and Populations4-5
15.Biodiversity and Conservation2-3
16.Environmental Issues1-2

How to Solve NEET Biology Multiple Choice Questions

Aspirants who are preparing for NEET MCQ need to know our 6 tips to get NEET objective questions right. Check out!
1. Carefully read the Question
This seems obvious, but many candidates make mistakes because they don’t read the statements carefully. And it is necessary to read the whole question, because you may read the beginning of the statement and leave the last sentence blank, and thus, you do not catch what was asked. Read the question and also the alternatives so as not to fall into any pranks. And if you have text, graphics, or tables, pay attention to these elements.
2. Focus on Main keywords / Sentence
Remember that we talked about reading the Questions to the end, without forgetting the last sentence? This is because the last sentence usually has expressions and keywords that are important for understanding the proposal and may even contain the answer. Therefore, underline the important expressions. 
3. Beware of confusing words
In the same way that there are keywords in the statement, some words are inserted to confuse the NEET candidate. The terms “always”, “never”, “nobody” and “everyone” can be in the wrong alternatives and can lead the student to error if he does not read the question very carefully.  
4. Beware of the (“all / Both / none of the alternatives”) Alternatives
You might come across the famous “all/none of the alternatives” alternatives and variations. This tip is closely related to the previous one because the words “all” and “none” are very catchy and can confuse those who are not sharp in terms of text interpretation.
5. Read the long text of the questions first
Some questions are based on very long texts, so long that they occupy a good part of the sheet. If you are faced with this situation, read the statement first to understand what is being asked. By doing this, you may already find the answer.
6. Take Mock Test ( Previous year NEET Questions) : 
The best way to attest to the effectiveness of the above tips is to put them into practice. You can do this by doing an old and simulated NEET Biology test Series. With this, you also see how prepared you are, in addition to preparing yourself physically and psychologically.

Importance of Practicing ybstudy.com NEET Biology Important MCQs with Answers Pdf

In today’s time, knowledge is not only needed to pass India’s toughest NEET exam, but knowing the pattern of the exam and completing the exam in the given time is also a big task, and this is achieved by Practicing the Above Biology NEET Questions. Today we will tell you why our NEET Biology MCQs are necessary for the preparation for the NEET exam and what are its benefits. Before any exam, students prepare for the exam with full hard work, where most of the students take admitted to the coaching center for preparation, while many students like to take the exam by self-preparation. However, in today’s time, one method before the exam which is common to both is the Practicing  NEET Biology Questions Online. Candidates, whether they are preparing for coaching or self-study, have to must Solved Biology Questions for NEET. Here Below we List some important benefits of Practicing Biology Questions for NEET. 
● Removes your NEET exam pressure
Many such candidates are knowledgeable and talented, but at the time of examination, they get completely shattered under its pressure and are not able to achieve success. The main reason for this is a lack of practice. Testing and practicing yourself in a real exam-like environment can reduce the pressure that you may feel at the time of the actual exam. It is accompanied by solving our NEET Biology MCQ Test Series, which increases your confidence. Keep in mind that there is negative marking in the Above MCQ just like in the real exam, this allows you to catch up on time and decide what to write and what to leave out in NEET Examination.
● Fast learning with pattern understanding
Above Biology NEET Questions help you learn faster and absorb concepts better. Apart from this, you also keep learning a lot from your mistakes. Practicing the previous year’s Biology  NEET MCQs will help you get to know the exam pattern better. Because when you will have a better understanding of the exam pattern then you will also get to know your actual situation and what is your level of preparation.
● Correct Question Paper
The paper pattern is very important for the students to prepare for the exam. With this, students get complete information about NEET Biology questions, marks, how many questions are there in each section, and what is the marking scheme. Also, with the help of NEET Biology MCQs such as question papers, sample papers, and online test series, students can track their preparation, which gives them an idea of ​​how much more NEET preparation they need to prepare to crack the exam.
● Chance to learn from mistakes
All the toppers agree on the importance of practicing mock tests or test series, as practicing them develops your ability to understand and solve unexpected questions that may come up in the exam. One of the most important things is that mock tests help you to manage time and deal with exam time pressure. It also helps you to realize the mistakes you might make while taking the actual exam. Initially, you can learn from your mistakes but cannot repeat them in the actual exam.
● Help to Score High in NEET Exam
One of the major reasons for failure or not getting high marks can be that the candidate is not alert enough at the time of examination or is not able to use his/her brain for two consecutive hours at the time of examination. Developing this ability requires that you practice studying for a long period and make sure to prepare thoroughly.
● Increase your Speed  : 
All the students who practice not only Biology MCQ for NEET, they often face a lot of difficulties in the test. As they do not have much knowledge about the test and they waste their precious time in unnecessary trouble while giving the test. Whereas students who prepare with a lot of NEET Biology MCQs, their paper-solving speed increases. They learn to solve more questions in the shortest possible time so that they can complete their entire paper in the given time, and at the same time they know how to solve questions from every topic, so the chances of getting all their answers right increase.

Frequently Asked Questions on NEET Biology MCQ

How many Questions in NEET Biology are from NCERT?

Answer: NEET 2021 Biology Paper Analysis: The NEET Biology question paper was Medium Difficult this year. There are huge chances for students to score high in NEET 2023. NEET Cut off is also expected to be high this time as compared to the previous year. The NEET Biology Paper was absolutely easy this time but it was lengthy and time-consuming as well. The level of a total of 45 questions in the paper was quite easy, 35 were medium level, and 10 questions were difficult level. As we know NTA conducts NEET every year in offline mode which means the question papers are not released and so it is difficult to check which questions have been asked from which book. But in general, 98% of the Biology Questions for NEET come from NCERT books alone. But based on previous years of paper analysis weightage has been calculated in 2022 Near about 97% of Questions asked from NCERT, In 2023 Near about 98% of Questions asked from NCERT, In 2021 Near about 100% of Questions asked from NCERT.

2. Why is it necessary to practice NEET Biology Important Questions with Solutions?

Answer: Biology is the most important subject and it has an immense impact on NEET Exam. It carries a total of 90 Questions for 360 marks which means it covers 50% of the Questions of NEET. To score high in the NEET Exam  Biology MCQ Questions for NEET are the base for NEET. In this scenario, what is needed is to have a proper understanding of the concepts behind the topics and chapters included in Biology. Most of the time, students do not get it in the classroom or during self-study. In such cases, our NEET Biology Questions act as recorded help to students looking out to clear their concepts and can just download the PDF and consult it whenever required.

3. Where and how can I download NEET Biology Questions in pdf format?

Answer. For the ease of students, we at ybstudy.com above provided Chapter-wise NEET Biology MCQ Class 11 and Class 12 in PDF format for free. It covers all concepts, all topics for all NEET Aspirants. These MCQs are prepared by our Biology senior and experienced faculty which gives students an in-depth understanding of the concepts rather than the particular question.

4. Why is ybstudy NEET biology MCQ Chapter Wise Pdf is Recommended?

Answer: Well, it’s a fact that our MCQ Questions are the best for NEET exam preparation. It is not just because we recommend it but the content and syllabus of Biology books are the best across the country. Our NEET MCQ Syllabus and Topics class are curated after thorough research keeping in mind the development perspective of students which helps them excel in exams. Thus, the NEET biology MCQ chapter-wise pdf free download it gets extremely important for students to thoroughly go through there the recommendations for NEET Aspirants.

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