MCQ on Genetic Disorders Pdf

MCQ on Genetic disorders:

1. Which of the following is a single gene disorder_______

A. Multiple fingers

B. Phenylketonuria

C. congenital deafness

D. All of these 

Answer: D

2. ______ can be used to identify genetic disorders.

A. Centrifugation


C. Chromatography


Answer: B

3. Which one of the following is a genetic disease?

A. Hemophilia 

B. Malaria

C. Typhoid 

D. All of these 

Answer: A

4. There are many types of human genetic diseases, and the incidence rate is high. Among the following options, which is a genetic disorder with chromosomal abnormality______

A. Anti-vitamin D rickets

B. Phenylketonuria

C. Down syndrome

D. Malaria

Answer: C

5. On which of the following chromosomal disorders are based?

A. Mutant allele and their defective products

B. Imbalance in chromosome number and chromosome arrangement

C. Mutant allele and chromosome arrangement

D. Mutant allele and imbalance in chromosome number

Answer: B

6. What are most genetic disorders caused by?

A. Mutation

B. Chromosomal Abnormalities 

C. Diet

D. Both A and B

Answer: D

7. A patient with a genetic disease married a normal woman, and the doctor warned them that they could only have boys. It is speculated that the genetic model of the disease is_______

A. Y chromosome

B. Autosomal dominant

C. With X-dominant

D. X-linked recessive

Answer: C

8. Which of the following is a polygenic genetic disease_______

A. Red-green color blindness  

B. albinism

C. Essential hypertension

D. Trisomy 21

Answer: C

9. Which of the following statements about human genetic diseases is true__________

A. A monogenic disorder is an inherited disorder controlled by a single gene

B. Down Syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality genetic disease

C. All congenital diseases in humans are genetic diseases

D. Diabetes and phenylketonuria are both polygenic genetic diseases

Answer: B

10. Which statement is correct about human genetic diseases?

A. If both parents are normal, the children will not have genetic diseases

B. The mother has albinism and the son also has albinism

C. The mother is colorblind and the son is colorblind

D. Father is colorblind, son is colorblind

Answer: C

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