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Double Fertilization MCQ Questions and Answers

1. Double fertilization is________

(1) Fusion of two male gametes of a pollen tube with

two different eggs

(2) Fusion of one male gamete with two polar nuclei

(3) Fusion of two male gametes with one egg

(4) Syngamy and triple fusion

Answer: 4

2. The process of double fertilization was discovered by_______

(1) Hofmeister 

(2) Strasburger

(3) Nawaschin 

(4) Amici

Answer: 3

3. After fertilization the seed is developed from_______

(1) Ovule 

(2) Ovary

(3) Nucellus 

(4) Endosperm

Answer: 1

4. Double fertilization means_____

(1) Fusion of male gamete and ovum

(2) Fusion of two polar bodies

(3) A male gamete fused with an egg and a second male gamete fused with a secondary nucleus

(4) All of the above

Answer: 3

5. After fertilization seed coat is formed by :

(1) Chalaza

(2) Ovule

(3) Integument

(4) Embryo sac

Answer: 3

6. Double fertilization is exhibited by :

(1) Algae 

(2) Fungi

(3) Angiosperms 

(4) Gymnosperms

Answer: 3

7. The fusion product of the secondary nucleus and male gamete is

(1) Nucellus

(2) Primary endosperm nucleus

(3) Zygote

(4) Secondary nucleus

Answer: 2

8. Double fertilization is due to the fusion of______

(1) male gametes with egg and synergid

(2) male gametes with egg and secondary nucleus

(3) male gametes with egg and polar nuclei

(4) male gametes with two eggs

Answer: 2

9. How many haploid nuclei are involved in double fertilization?

(1) Four

(2) Two

(3) Five

(4) Three

Answer: C

10. Second fertilization is called________

(1) syngamy

(2) apomixis

(3) senescence

(4) vegetative fertilization

Answer: D

11. Generative fertilization is also called _____

(1) apomixis

(2) syngamy

(3) vegetative fertilization

(4) senescence

Answer: 2

12. Double fertilization is a characteristic feature of:-

(1) Only angiosperm

(2) Angiosperm and gymnosperm

(3)  Only Gymnosperm

(4) None of these

Answer: 1

13. Which of the following is true for the primary endosperm nucleus (PEN):

(1) Fusion of two polar nuclei and one male gamete

(2) Fusion of one synergid and two polar nuclei

(3) Fusion of two antipodal and one male gamete

(4) Fusion of one male gamete one synergid and one antipodal cell

Answer: 1

14. In an angiospermic plant just after double fertilization, arrangement of nuclei in an ovule:

(1) Five haploid, one diploid, one triploid

(2) Three haploid, Two diploid, Two triploid

(3) Two haploid, Three diploid, Two triploid

(4) One haploid, Three diploids, Three triploid

Answer: 1

15. The endosperm is formed during double fertilization by –

(1) Two polar nuclei and one male gamete

(2) One polar nuclei and one male gamete

(3) Ovum and male gamete

(4) Two polar nuclei and two male gametes

Answer: 1

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