Redioimmunoassay MCQ Questions and Answers

Redioimmunoassay MCQ Questions and Answers: 

What is Radioimmunoassay (RIA) :

  • Radioimmunoassay (RIA) is one of the most important immunological techniques for detecting antigens and antibodies to quantify the substances to be tested. 
  • RIA is also called competitive saturation analysis.
  • RIA makes it possible to measure substances in the body that were difficult to measure in the past.
  • In 1960, American chemists R.S. Yalow and S.A. Berson proposed this method, and Yalow was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1977.
  • In the early 1980s, more than 300 biologically active substances were determined by this method.
  • Radioisotopes commonly used to label antigens include ³H, ¹²⁵I, ¹³¹I, etc.

MCQ on Redioimmunoassay 

1. What is a radioimmunoassay intended to measure?

(1) RIA measure the concentration of antigen by the use of antobodies.

(2) RIA measure the concentration of Antibody by the use of antigen.

(3) RIA measure the concentration of Protein by the use of antobodies.

(4) RIA measure the concentration of Insulin by the use of glycoproteins.

Answer: 1

2. What is the first step of radioimmunoassay_______

(1) Antibody reagent is firstly incubated with antigens of interest.

(2) Antigen reagent is firstly incubated with antibody of interest.

(3) Rediolabeled Antigens are added in well

(4) Unlabeled antigens are added in well.

Answer: 1

3. How many different types of radioimmunoassay are_______

(1) Four

(2) Two

(3) One 

(4) Three

Answer: 2

4. What is tracer in radioimmunoassay?

(1) Radioactive antigen

(2) Unlabeled antigen 

(3) Rediolabeled antibody 

(4) Unlabeled antigen 

Answer: 1

5. Who discovered the radioimmunoassay?

(1) Yalow and Berson

(2) Eva Engvall and Peter Perlman

(3) Fahey and McKelvey

(4) None of these 

Answer: 1

6. Which isotope is used in radioimmunoassay?

(1) ¹²⁵I

(2) ¹⁴C

(3) ²⁴NaH

(4) ³⁶Cl

Answer: 1

7. Which of following are the components of radioimmunoassay?

(1) Rediolabeled Antigens 

(2) Monoclonal Antibodies 

(3) Unlabeled Antigens 

(4) All of the above 

Answer: 4

8. How many microgram antigen detected in Redioimmunoassay_______

(1) 0.001 μg/ml

(2) 0.1 μg/ml

(3) 0.01 μg/ml

(4) 1 μg/ml

Answer: 1

9. Which of the following  is not the application of Redioimmunoassay________

(1) RIA used to determine insulin, growth hormone.

(2) Radioimmunoassay (RIA) can detect drugs such as Heroin & Morphine.

(3) RIA used for determination of folic acid, vitamin B12.

(4) RIA used to determine concentration of Glycoproteins 

Answer : 4

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