MCQ on Bioweapons

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Multiple Choice Questions on Biological Weapons

1. Which of the following microorganism can use as biological weapons___________

A. Bacillus anthracis

B. Lactic acid bacteria

C. marijuana

D. yeast

Answer: A

2. Which of the following microorganism cannot be used as biological weapons:

A. Lactic acid bacteria

B. Bacillus anthracis

C. Botulinum toxin

D. Smallpox virus

Answer: A

3. Anthracis is not transmitted by____________

A. skin contact

B. mouse

C. Respiratory inhalation

D. intestinal infection

Answer: B

Which statement about biological weapons is incorrect_______

A. Biological weapons are highly infectious and pathogenic

B. GMOs have the potential to be used to create “biological weapons”

C. Ebola virus is highly contagious and has a high fatality rate

D. Biological weapons protect against diseases

Answer: D

4. What is the deadliest biological weapon?

A. Anthrax

B. brucellosis,

C. tularemia,

D. All of these

Answer: A

5. States which admitted to having secret chemical weapon programs are________

A. India, China, France, Britain, South Korea

B. Japan, Spain, and Russia

C. United States, Africa, Iran

D. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Germany, Italy

Answer: A

6. What is an example of a biological weapon?

A. anthrax,

B. brucellosis,

C. tularemia,

D. All of these

Answer: D

7. Biological weapons refer to microorganisms and their toxins that make humans and animals sick and damage crops in war. It usually includes six categories of pathogenic bacteria, rickettsia, chlamydia, virus, fungus, and toxin. Which of the following is not a hazard characteristic of biological weapons__________

A. Propagation is not affected by climate

B. Widespread infection

C. There are many ways of transmission

D. highly contagious

Answer: A

8. The hazards of biological weapons are highly contagious. Because of this characteristic, which of the following is not an effective measure to protect against biological weapons__________

A. Advance vaccination and personal protection

B. If a patient is found, report it immediately and isolate it in time

C. Be careful to cut off the transmission route

D. Only pay attention to environmental disinfection, do not pay attention to animal and plant sterilization

Answer: D

9. Which of the following statements about the Biological Weapons Convention is incorrect________

A. Do not develop or produce biological weapons

B. Oppose the proliferation of biological weapons and their technology and equipment

C. Do not stockpile biological weapons

D. Small amounts of biological weapons can be stockpiled for emergency use

Answer: D

10. People who have been vaccinated still need to be vaccinated again when they encounter the same biological warfare agent (pathogenic microorganisms or toxins used in warfare) because________

A. These people have lost their immunity

B. These people did not form memory cells

C. The original vaccination was unsuccessful

D. These pathogenic microorganisms mutate rapidly and have strong variability

Answer: D

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