MCQ on Heart Disease

Heart Disease Multiple Choice Questions

1. Angina pectoris generally refers to________

(1) hypertensive heart disease 

(2) secondary heart disease 

(3) coronary heart disease 

(4) primary heart disease.

Answer: 3

2. What are the symptoms of hypertensive heart disease patients ? 

(1) Ventricular hypertrophy 

(2) Chest angina 

(3) Myocardial hypoxia 

(4) Coronary arteriosclerosis.

Answer: 1

3. Which of the following is not the cause of heart disease ? 

(1) Stressful life 

(2) Fatty eating 

(3) Smoking and drinking 

(4) Ideal weight.

Answer: 4

4. Which of the following is a taboo for hypertensive patients ? 

(1) Appropriate recreational exercise 

(2) Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and coffee 

(3) Eat more high-fat foods 

(4) Maintain an ideal body weight.

Answer: 3

5. The method of preventing heart disease, which of the following is incorrect ? 

(1) Eat high-fat foods to increase resistance 

(2) Prevent arteriosclerosis 

(3) Maintain emotional stability 

(4) Avoid bacterial infection.

Answer: 1

6. Which of the following should be avoided by hypertensive patients ? 

(1) Salt 

(2) Water 

(3) Sugar 

(4) Vitamins.

Answer: 1

7. To prevent high blood pressure, which of the following is wrong ? 

(1) Do not exercise to avoid the onset of the disease 

(2) Eat more vegetables, fruits and animal fats 

(3) Avoid salty foods as much as possible 

(4) Avoid excessive fatigue and mental stress.

Answer: 1

8. Common diseases in adults are : 

(a) heart disease 

(b) cancer 

(c) high blood pressure 

(d) diabetes

Answer: 3

Fill in the Blank:

1. Hypertension can be divided into two categories : the first category is called__________ hypertension, more than 90% of patients belong to this category, and it is generally believed to be related to heredity ; the second category is called__________ hypertension, which is caused by other diseases of.

2. Among the acquired heart disease___________ sclerosing heart disease and ___________heart disease are the most common.

3. Hypertension is a common adult disease. Adults whose systolic blood pressure is above __________ mm of mercury and diastolic blood pressure above ________ mm of mercury indicate abnormal blood pressure.

Fill in the Blank Answers: 

1. Primary, secondary 

2. Coronary artery, hypertension 

3. 140/90

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