MCQ on Cell Engineering

Cell Engineering MCQ Questions:

1. Who invented the technique of cell culture?

A. Alexis Carrel

B. Robert Hooke

C. Gregor Mendel

D. Charles Vacanti

Answer: A

2. Among the following techniques, generally speaking, those that do not belong to the scope of cell engineering are:

A. Plant cell and tissue culture

B. cell fusion

C. The application of gene chip

D. nuclear transfer

Answer: C

3. Which of the following is not an application of animal cell engineering_________

A. Large-scale production of interferon to fight infections caused by viruses

B. Provide transplanted skin cells for patients with extensive burns

C. Large-scale production of food additives, spices, etc.

D. Protect endangered species and increase the survival of these animals

Answer: C

4. Which of the following statements about cell engineering is incorrect______

A. The cultivation of transgenic plants requires the use of plant tissue culture techniques

B. The explants during the in vitro culture of anthers are isolated pollen cells

C. Mesophyll cells can form callus through the redifferentiation process

D. In the fusion of protoplasts, a variety of fusion cells can be obtained

Answer: C

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