MCQ on Vacuoles with Answers

MCQ on Vacuoles:

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MCQ on Vacuoles with Answers Pdf:

1. Which among the following is not a function of the vacuole?

a) They help to store the toxic metabolic by-products of the plant cell.

b) They provide turgidity and rigidity to the plant cell.

c) They help to maintain the osmotic pressure in the cell.

d) They help the plant in its growth through the process of cell division.

Answer: D

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2. Cell sap is found inside__________

a) Protoplasm

b) Cytoplasm

c) Nucleoplasm

d) Vacuoles

Answer: D


3. As compared to plant cells, animal cells have________

a) No vacuoles

b) 1 vacuole

c) 2 vacuoles

d) many vacuoles

Answer: D

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4. Vacuole is mostly composed of__________.

a) water

b) ion

c) enzyme

d) organic wastes

Answer: A


5. Which of the following cell organelles is involved in the storage of food, and other nutrients, required for a cell to survive?

a) Vacuoles

b) Lysosome

c) Mitochondria

d) Cell membrane

Answer: A

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6. In plant cells, by-products of the metabolic pathways are stored in_____________

a) vacuole

b) mitochondrion

c) chloroplast

d) nucleus

Answer: A


7. All of the following are the functions of the vacuole, except__________

a) Maintains turgor of plant cells

b) Provide an aqueous environment for the accumulation

c) Play a role in growth by elongation of cells

d) None of the above

Answer: D

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8. Which of the following cell organelles is absent in animal cells and present in a plant cell?

a) Cell wall

b) Cytoplasm

c) Vacuoles

d) Mitochondria

Answer: A


9. In plant cells, the fluid which is inside the vacuole is called___________.

a) cell water

b) cell sap

c) turgor

d) pigments

Answer: B

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10. Which of the following is not a function of the vacuole in plants?

a) They store toxic metabolic wastes

b) They help with the process of cell division

c) They help to maintain turgidity

d) They provide structural support

Answer: B


11. Vacuole in a plant cell_______________

a) is membrane-bound and contains storage proteins and lipids

b) is membrane-bound and contains water and excretory substances

c) lacks membrane and contains air

d) lacks membrane and contains water and excretory substances

Answer: B


12. Which of the following cell organelles is present in plant cells and absent in animal cells?

a) Nucleus

b) Vacuole

c) Chloroplast

d) Cytoplasm

Answer: C


13. Water enters the vacuole by ____________

a) reverse osmosis

b) osmosis

c) active diffusion

d) passive diffusion

Answer: B


14. By which process, do the vacuoles form food?

a) Exocytosis

b) Pinocytosis

c) Active Transport

d) Phagocytosis

Answer: D


15. What is the function of contractile vacuoles?

a) To carry out pinocytosis

b) To carry out the metabolic process

c) To pump excess water out of the cell

d) To carry out phagocytosis

Answer: C


16. Which cell organelle regulates internal turgor pressure in plant cells?

a) Smooth ER

b) Rough ER

c) Golgi bodies

d) Vacuole

Answer: D


17. Which of the following is a toxic by-product stored in the plant cell vacuole that is a clinic of all importance?

a) oxytocin

b) sialic acid

c) digitalis

d) tonoplast

Answer: C

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