Human Genome Project MCQ with Answers

Human Genome Project MCQ

  • Human genome project (HGP) is the study of genes and genomes of human being by DNA sequencing and related analysis.
  • The Human genome project was started in 1990 in USA co-ordinated by US department of Energy and National Institute of Health.
  • The project was completed in 2003.
  • HGP-Human genome is a multinational research project to determine the genomic structure of man.
  • HGP is a mutidisciplinary effort to understand the basis of human heredity genome.
  • HGP includes a comprehensive study of genome which includes construction of genetic map of the chromosomes and the sequencing of all genes.

MCQ on Human Genome Project

1. How many nucleotides are present in the human genome?

(1) 3164.7 million

(2) 2015.9 million

(3) 1982.0 million

(4) 3247.9 million

Answer: 1

2. Which of the following methodology is used to identify all the genes that are expressed as RNA in Human Genome Project (HGP)?

(1) Sequence Annotation

(2) Expressed Sequence Tags

(3) Karyotyping

(4) Ammonification

Answer: 2

3. Which of the following is a suitable vector for the process of cloning in Human Genome Project (HGP)?

(1) PAC (Protozoal Artificial Chromosomes)

(2) FAC (Fungal Artificial Chromosomes)

(3) VAC (Viral Artificial Chromosomes)

(4) YAC (Yeast Artificial Chromosomes)

Answer: 4

4. The “Human Genome Project” is of great significance for humans to deeply understand their own gene structure and function. Its purpose is to determine the human genome.

(1) The base sequence of mRNA

(2) The base sequence of DNA

(3) The base sequence of tRNA

(4) base sequence of rRNA

Answer: 2

5. Which of the following is a suitable host for the process of cloning in Human Genome Project (HGP)?

(1) Virus

(2) All types of fungi

(3) Bacteria

(4) Protozoan

Answer: 3

6. The main task of the “Human Genome Project”, which is comparable to the Apollo moon landing program, is the sequencing of the entire genome sequence. “Sequencing” means determining

(1) The sequence of bases in DNA

(2) Sequence of bases in messenger RNA

(3) The sequence of the bases of the transfer RNA

(4) amino acid sequence of proteins

Answer: 1

7. The Human Genome Project measured:

(1) The base sequence of DNA on 46 chromosomes

(2) The base sequence of DNA on 22 autosomal chromosomes + X + Y

(3) The base sequence of DNA on 23 chromosomes

(4) The base sequence of DNA on the 24 autosomes

Answer: 2

8. The “Human Genome Project” study shows that the 23 pairs of chromosomes in the human body contain about 30,000 to 35,000 genes. This fact shows that

(1) A gene is a segment of DNA that has a hereditary effect

(2) Genes are segments of chromosomes

(3) There are many genes on a DNA molecule

(4) Genes are only found on chromosomes

Answer: 3

9. The “Human Genome Project” determined 24 chromosomes in human cells. These 24 chromosomes are

(1) All autosomes

(2) A random selection of 24 chromosomes

(3) One of each of the 24 pairs of homologous chromosomes

(4) One each of 22 pairs of autosomes and the X and Y chromosomes

Answer: 4

10. Which of the following statements about the significance of the Human Genome Project research is incorrect

(1) Conducive to the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases

(2) Help to understand the origin of human

(3) Conducive to understanding the regulatory mechanism of gene expression

(4) Contributes to understanding the pathogenesis of infectious diseases

Answer: 4

11. The Human Genome Project has achieved phased results, and recombinant DNA technology (transgenic technology) has been widely used in production and medicine. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

(1) The main content of the Human Genome Project is to determine the sequence of the entire DNA of the human genome

(2) The implementation of the Human Genome Project will bring new changes to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases

(3) Transgenic technology is the introduction of genes from one organism into the cells of another organism and expression

(4) GMOs and GMOs are safe and should be vigorously promoted

Answer: 4

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