Antiseptic MCQ with Answers | Antiseptic Quiz

Antiseptic Quiz Questions with Answers: 

1. Antiseptics are_______

a) Bacteriostatic

b) Bactericidal

c) Bacterial culture

d) Fungicidal

Answer: A

2. Antiseptic methods were first introduced by

a) Lord Lister

b) Iwanowski

c) Beijernick

d) Edward Jenner

Answer: A

3. Antiseptic surgery was discovered by

a) Joseph Lister

b) Ernest Abbe

c) Pasteur

d) Beijerink

Answer: A

4. What substance was first used as an antiseptic? 

a) hydrogen peroxide; 

b) sublimate; 

c) alcohol solution of iodine; 

d) carbolic acid;

Answer: D

5. Given the Followings are Antiseptics except for_____

a) Cetrimide

b) Crystal Violet

c) Proflavine

d) Aminacrine

Answer: A

6. Which of the Following is an Active Agent in Antiseptics________

a) Alcohol

b) Iodine

c) Phenol

d) All Of the Above

Answer: D

7. What is a mechanical antiseptic? 

a) irrigation of the wound with a solution of hydrogen peroxide; 

b) drainage of the wound with a gauze swab; 

c) removal of non-viable tissues from the wound; 

d) immobilization of the limb with a plaster bandage.

Answer: C

8. Which of the following methods is related to physical antiseptics?  

a) primary surgical treatment of the wound; 

b) removal of necrotic tissue from the wound; 

c) draining the wound with a swab; 

d) washing the wound with an antiseptic;

Answer: C

9. Which of the following is a surface antiseptic?

a) the introduction of an antiseptic into the body cavity; 

b) intramuscular administration of antibiotics; c) the introduction of an antiseptic into the tissues surrounding the wound; 

d) irrigation of the wound with a solution of furacilin;

Answer: D

10. Which of the following effect of hydrogen peroxide is weakly expressed? 

a) antimicrobial; 

b) foaming; 

c) deodorizing; 

d) mechanical cleansing of the wound;

Answer: A

11. Antiseptics are except__________

a) The agents that destroy or kill or prevent the growth of the microorganism

b) Applied to living tissues

c) Applied in the form of mouthwashes, gargles

d) Use on an inanimate objects

Answer: D

12. Which antiseptic solution is most often used to store forceps?

a) sublimes; 

b) ethyl alcohol; 

c) iodine; 

d) chloramine;

Answer: D

13. Which compound of mercury is used as an antiseptic?

a) Mercuric sulfide

b) Mercuric oxide

c) Mercuric chloride

d) Mercuric iodide

Answer: C

14. Which of the following agents is not classified as a biological antiseptic?

a) vaccines; 

b) specific sera; 

c) antibiotics; 

d) sulfonamides;

Answer: D

15. The antiseptic compound present in Dettol is –

a) Iodine

b) Enloroxylenol

c) Biothional

d) Cresol

Answer: B

16. Contact lenses and wounds are cleaned by an antiseptic________

a) Iodine

b) Tincture

c) Hydrogen peroxide

d) Chlorine

Answer: C

17. Which of the listed therapeutic measures are related to the methods of biological antiseptics? 

a) primary surgical treatment of the wound; 

b) washing the wound with hydrogen peroxide; 

c) intramuscular administration of streptomycin; 

d) oral administration of sulfadimethoxine;

Answer: C

18. Hypertonic sodium chloride solution is used for: 

a) primary surgical treatment of the wound; 

b) the imposition of absorbable compress; 

c) sterilization of cutting instruments; 

d) drainage of purulent cavities and wounds;

Answer: D

19. What is the essence of physical antiseptics?

a) increase the immunity of the patient; 

b) weaken the pathogenic properties of microbes; 

c) kill microbes in the wound; 

d) create in the wound unfavorable conditions for the development of microbes;

Answer: D

20. Which of the following is used as an antimicrobial cleanser to clean the skin site before surgery?

a) Hibiclens soap

b) mercury 

c) Hydrogen peroxide 

d) All of these 

Answer: A

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