MCQ on Sulfuric Acid Pdf

Multiple Choice Questions on Sulfuric Acid:

1. Which process is used for large scale manufacturing of sulphuric acid?

A. Haber’s process

B. Ostwald’s process

C. Smith’s process

D. Contact process

Answer: D

2. The major use of sulphur is in the manufacture of –

A. H2SO4

B. H2S

C. SO2

D. Fungicide

Answer: A

3. What are the basic raw materials for manufacture of sulfuric acid?

A. Sulfur and pyrites

B. Oxygen

C. Hydrogen

D. Nitrogen

Answer: A

4. The major use of sulphur is in the manufacture of________

A. H2SO4

B. H2S

C. SO2

D. Fungicide

Answer: A

5. In the production of sulfuric acid by the contact method, the gas entering the contact chamber must be purified and dried. The main reason is that________

A. Prevent catalyst poisoning

B. Improve reaction efficiency

C. Improve SO 2 conversion

D. prevent environmental pollution

Answer: A

6. The pH value of concentrated sulphuric acid could be expected between_______

A. 6 and 5

B. 7 and 6

C. 1 and 0

D. 4 and 3

Answer: C

7. What is the catalyst used in contact process in the conversion of Sulphur dioxide to Sulphur trioxide?

A. Finely divided iron

B. Molybdenum

C. Vanadium pentoxide

D. Platinum

Answer: C

8. Which of the following is unlikely to be the pollutant from a sulphuric acid plant?

A. Sulphur dioxide

B. Sulphur trioxide

C. Acid mist

D. Hydrogen sulphide

Answer: D

9. How much percentile of sulphuric acid is treated with gasoline for the removal of its impurities?

A. 99 %

B. 60 %

C. 80 %

D. 40 %

Answer: C

10. Which of the following is not a property of sulphuric acid?

A. It acts as a strong dehydrating agent

B. It is a Lewis acid

C. It cannot char carbohydrates

D. It is dense and oily

Answer: C

11. Which statement about the industrial production of sulfuric acid is incorrect is_________

A. Combustion of sulfur to produce SO 3

B. SO 3 reacts with water to form H 2 SO 4

C. The oxidation of SO 2 to SO 3 requires the use of a catalyst

D. The main equipment is boiling furnace, contact chamber, absorption tower

Answer: A

12. Which phenomena is involved in the byproduct sulfuric acid production?

A. Elemental sulfur mining

B. Oxidation -reduction

C. Pyrolysis of pyrites

D. Burning of fuel

Answer: D

13. Which of the following statements about the industrial production of sulfuric acid is false_______

A. Preheat the mixed gas coming out of the contact chamber, which is beneficial to be absorbed by concentrated sulfuric acid

B. Pyrite needs to be pulverized before adding to the boiling furnace, the purpose is to improve the utilization rate of raw materials

C. The oxidation of SO2 to SO3 requires the use of a catalyst, which can speed up its reaction rate

D. Absorb SO 3 with 98.3% sulfuric acid instead of SO 3 with H 2 O or dilute sulfuric acid

Answer: A

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