NEET MCQ 2024: Biology, Chemistry, Physics Topicwise & Chapterwise NEET MCQ

NEET MCQ 2024: The NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) exam is a highly competitive and nationally conducted examination in India. It serves as the primary entrance test for students seeking admission into undergraduate medical and dental courses in various colleges and universities nationwide.

NEET is administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA) and is conducted annually. The exam assesses the student’s knowledge and understanding of subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (including Botany and Zoology). It follows a multiple-choice question format, with a total of 180 questions to be answered within a duration of three hours.

Preparing for the NEET exam requires dedication, a thorough study of the prescribed syllabus, and regular practice of mock tests. It is crucial for students to have a strong foundation in the core subjects and a comprehensive understanding of the exam pattern and marking scheme.

Scoring well in the NEET exam opens up opportunities for students to pursue their dreams of becoming doctors or dentists, and it is considered a significant milestone in their academic journey in the field of medical sciences. On behalf of, we are going to present a simple, systematic, and illustrative manner and easier for students to understand and appreciate this NEET MCQ all the way. You can also read NEET MCQ Questions for Biology, Physics, and Chemistry Here.

NEET MCQ: Biology, Chemistry, Physics Topicwise & Chapterwise MCQ

Class 11 Chapterwise NEET Biology Questions

Class 12 Chapterwise NEET Biology Questions

Class 11 Chapterwise NEET Chemistry Questions

Class 12 Chapterwise NEET Chemistry Questions

Class 11 Chapterwise NEET Physics Questions

Class 12 Chapterwise NEET Physics Questions

NEET Biology MCQ Topic-wise

MCQ on Cell OrganellesMCQ on Cell Biology
MCQ on CellMCQ on Vitamins
Nucleus MCQ QuestionsMCQ on Mitochondria
Cell wall NEET QuestionsCytoplasm Multiple-Choice Questions
MCQ on VacuolesMCQ on Cell Structure and Function
Ribosomes MCQLysosomes Multiple Choice Questions
Multiple Choice Questions on Endoplasmic ReticulumMultiple Choice Questions on Algae
Plant tissue Culture MCQMCQ on Genetics
Cell Cycle and Cell DivisionMCQ on Neural Control and Coordination
MCQ on PhotosynthesisMCQ on Biotechnology for NEET
Chloroplast MCQ QuestionsDental MCQ Questions and Answers
MCQ on EnzymesMultiple Choice Questions on Minerals
MCQ on NutrientsAnimal Tissue NEET Questions
MCQ on NutritionDemography MCQ
MCQ on UltrasoundMCQ on Red Algae
Pteridophytes MCQ QuestionsMCQ on Brown algae for NEET
Bryophytes MCQMCQ on Gymnosperms with Solutions
MCQ on Ozone Layer DepletionMCQ on Environment
Column chromatography MCQMultiple Choice Questions on Polysiphonia
MCQ on Life ProcessesMCQ on Mycoplasma with Answers
MCQ on AminesDisaster Management NEET Questions
BioremediationPolymerase Chain Reaction NEET Questions
DNA ReplicationMCQ on Biotechnology and Its Applications
Ecosystem NEET MCQBiotechnology Principle and processes NEET Questions
MCQ on PollutionStrategies in food enhancement
MCQ on ChromatographyBiofertilizer MCQ
MCQ Questions on HomeostasisMCQ on Paper Chromatography
Muscles ContractionMicrobes in Human Welfare
MCQ on Meristematic TissuesSexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
In vitro fertilizationPrinciple of Inheritance MCQ
Biodiversity and its ConservationMCQ on Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Multiple Choice Questions on Environmental IssuesEvolution MCQ for NEET
MCQ on TissueHuman Health and Disease
Reproductive Health MCQMCQ on Phylum Chordata
Reproduction in OrganismsTransportation in Plants and Animals
MCQ on DiffusionArthropods MCQ
Phylum PoriferaStructural Organization in Animals
Phylum AnnelidaLiving World
Phylum CoelenterataBiological Classification
Phylum PlatyhelminthesSystematics of Living World

NEET MCQ Physics Topic-wise

MCQ on Unit and MeasurementMCQ on UCM
MCQ on Surface TensionOscillation MCQ
MCQ on Mass and WeightMCQ on Microscopy with Answers
Satellite Communication MCQSolar Cell MCQs
MCQ on MagnetismMCQ on Semiconductor
MCQs on Mathematical MethodsMCQ on Angular Momentum
MCQ on Diffraction of LightBlack Body MCQs for NEET
MCQ on Electric BulbMCQ on DC Motor
Kinetic theory of gases MCQMCQ on Banking of Road
Eddy is currently testing MCQMCQ on Transformer
MCQ on Logic gatesMCQ on Elasticity
Physical World NEET MCQRotational dynamics MCQ
MCQs on PPLMCQs on Amplitude Modulation
MCQ on a Simple pendulumMCQ on Voltmeter
MCQ on Distance and DisplacementMCQ on Velocity
MCQ on TelescopeMCQ on IR Radiation
MCQs on VoltmeterMCQs on Resonance tube
MCQs on Stationary wavesMCQs on Electrostatics
MCQ on TransistorMCQ on Elasticity
MCQ on RadioisotopesGeostationary Satellite MCQ
MCQ on Doppler effectsMCQ on Sonometer
Acceleration MCQ with AnswersScalar and Vector MCQ
MCQ on PotentiometerNewton’s law of gravitation MCQ
Isotopes MCQFree Fall MCQ
MCQ on NucleiElectrostatic Potential and Capacitance MCQ

NEET MCQ Chemistry Topic-wise

Molar Mass MCQMCQ on Pharmacology
MCQ on AminesS-Block Elements MCQ
Hydrogen MCQ Questions and answersorganic Reaction Mechanism MCQ
Hydrocarbon MCQIsomerism MCQ with Answers
Redox Reaction MCQMCQ on Catalyst and Catalysis
MCQ on ZeolitesSurface Chemistry MCQ with Answers
Environmental Chemistry MCQ Questions and AnswersBasic Chemistry MCQ
States of matter MCQAnalytical Chemistry MCQ with Answers
Multiple Choice Questions On Ionic EquilibriumMCQ on Structure Of Atom For NEET
Multiple Choice Questions on Periodic TableMultiple Choice Questions on chemical reactions and equations
MCQs On Metallurgy Class 12MCQs on the first law of thermodynamics
Thermodynamics MCQ Questions and AnswersSome basic concepts of chemistry MCQ
Chemistry in everyday life MCQMCQs on polymers for NEET
MCQ on aldehyde ketones and carboxylic acidsAlcohol Phenol and Ethers MCQ
MCQs on Haloalkanes & HalorenesCo-ordination compound mcqs
MCQs on d and f block elementMCQs on p-block elements
MCQs on general principal & processes of isolation of elementsChemical kinetics MCQ

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