Class 11 Mathematical Methods MCQs Pdf

Class 11 Mathematical Methods MCQs Pdf 

Mathematics is the main language of physics. By using mathematical methods it becomes easier to describe, understand and apply the physical principles, if one has a good knowledge of mathematics. In the present physics syllabus we shall constantly use the techniques of algebra, trigonometry and geometry as well as vector algebra, differential calculus and integral calculus etc. In this Page  we shall discuss the Class 11 Mathematical Methods MCQs.

Mathematical Methods MCQs


Multiple choice questions on Mathematical Methods 

1) Which of the following is a vector ?

(a) speed 

(c) displacement


(d) time

 Answer: C


2. A vector is not changed if_____________

(a) it is rotated through an arbitrary angle

(b) it is multiplied by an arbitrary scalar

(c) it is cross multiplied by a unit vector

(d) it is slid parallel to itself.

Answer: D


3. Which of the sets given below may represent the magnitudes of three vectors adding to zero ?

(a) 2, 4, 8 

(b) 4, 8, 16

(c) 1, 2, 1 

(d) 0’5, 1, 2.

Answer : C


4. The equation vector a + a = a is______

(a) meaningless 

(b) may be possible for unlimited values of a

(c)always true 

(d) true only when a =0

Answer : D


5. If A + B = A – B then vector B must be_______

(a) zero vector 

(b) non zero vector

(c) unit vector 

(d) equal to

Answer: A


6. The resultant of two forces 3N and 4N is 5N , the angle between the forces is________


(b) 600

(c) 900

(d) 1200

Answer : C


7. The component of a vector is________

(a) always less than its magnitude

(b) always greater than its magnitude

(c) always equal to its magnitude

(d) none of these.

Answer: D


8. A vector A points vertically upward and B points towards north. The vector product A x B is_____

(a) along west

(c) zero

(b) along east

(d) vertically downward.

Answer : A


9. The radius of a circle is stated as 2.12 cm. Its area should be written as

(a) 14 cm² 

(b) 14.1 cm²

(c) 14.11 cm²

(d) 14.1124 cm²

Answer : B


10. What is the maximum number of components into which force can be resolved ?


(b) three

(c) Four 

(d) Any number

Answer: D


11. The magnitude of scalar product two unit vectors perpendicular to each other is__________


(b) 1

(c) -1 


Answer : A


12. A force 16 N acting perpendicular to a force of 80 N, magnitude of resultant force is________


(b) 70N



Answer : C


13. A situation may be described by using different sets of coordinate axes having different orientations. Which of the following do not depend on the orientation of the axes?

(a) the value of a scalar 

(b) a vector

(c) the magnitude of a vector.

(d) All 

Answer  : D


14. The x-component of the resultant of several vectors_______

(a) Is equal to the sum of the x-components of the vectors

(b) may be smaller than the sum of the magnitudes of the vectors

(c) may be equal to the sum of the magnitudes of the vectors.

(d) All

Answer : D


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