Magnetic field of Electric current class 10 mcqs Question with Answers

Magnetic field of Electric Current class 10 mcqs

Here you will find a list of Most important Multiple Choice Questions on magnetic field of  Electric current with answer for competitive exams like CBSE Class 10 science chapter 13 MCQs . These frequently asked sample questions on are given with correct choice of answer that you can check instantly. Presently we have added more than 20 MCQ questions on class 10 science chapter 13  for your practice. We will keep adding more questions and provide this question bank in PDF format, so that you can download them instantly in E-book style.

magnetic effects of current class 10

Mcqs on Magnetic field of  Electric Current Class 10 Science

1. Which of the following is not attracted by a magnet?

1. steel

2. cobalt

3. brass

4. nickel

 Answer: brass

2.Magnetic effect of current was discovered by__________________

1. Oersted

2. Faraday

3. Bohr

4. Ampere

Answer: Oersted

3. Electric motor which converts________________

1. chemical energy into electric energy

2. electric energy into mechanical energy

3. mechanical energy into electric energy

4. electric energy into chemical energy.

Answer: electric energy into mechanical energy.

4. A magnetic field line is used to find the direction of__________

1. South-north

2. A compass needle

3. A bar magnet

4. Magnetic field

Answer : Magnetic field

5. 1 Tesla is equal to_________________

1. 1 Weber/m2

2. 1 Gauss

3. 10-4 Weber/m2

4. 10-4 Gauss.

Answer: 1 Weber/m2

6. The direction of induced current is given by____________

1. Fleming’s right hand rule

2. Fleming’s left hand rule

3. Right hand thumb rule

4. Left hand thumb rule.

Answer:  Fleming’s right hand rule

7. Two magnetic field lines________________

1. Intersect at neutral point

2. Never intersect each other

3. Intersect near north-pole or south pole

4. Intersect at the mid point of the magnet

 Answer:  Never intersect each other

8. What are generally made up of pure tin or an alloy of tin with other metals like copper?

1. Metal wires

2. Fuse wires

3. Circuit

4.Electric iron

Answer:  Fuse wires

9. A fuse should always be placed in the____________

1. Live wire of the main circuit

2. Neutral wire of the main circuit

3. Earth wire of the main circuit

4. Bothe live and neutral wire of the main circuit.

Answer:  Live wire of the main circuit

10. The strength of magnetic field inside a long current-carrying straight solenoid is _________________

1. More at the ends then at the center

2.  Minimum in the middle

3. Same at all points

4. Found to increase from one end to the another

 Answer: Same at all points

11. A soft iron bar is inserted inside a current-carrying solenoid. The magnetic field inside the solenoid__________________

1. Will decrease

2. Will increase

3. Will become zero

4. Will remain the same

Answer:  Will increase

12. The shape of the magnetic field lines produced by a current carrying conductor are______________

1. Straight lines

2. Concentric circles

3. Concentric ellipse

4. Concentric parabolas

Answer: Concentric circle

13. The strength of magnetic field inside a long current carrying straight solenoid is_________________

1. more at the ends than at the centre

2. minimum in the middle

3. same at all points

4. found to increase from one end to the other

Answer: same at all points

14. Which of the given is not attracted by a magnet?

1. Steel

2. Cobalt

3. Brass


Answer: Brass

15. Select the incorrect statement  about the magnetic field.

1. Magnetic field lines form a continuous closed curve.

2. Magnetic field line do not interest each other.

3. Direction of tangent at any point on the magnetic field line curve gives the direction of magnetic field at that point.

4. Outside the magnet, magnetic field lines go from South to North pole of the magnet.

Answer: Outside the magnet, magnetic field line emerges from North-pole and moves towards south-pole.

16. The pattern of the magnetic field produced by the straight current carrying conducting wire is________________

1.  in the direction opposite to the current

2. in the direction parallel to the wire

3. circular around the wire

4. in the same direction of current

Answer:  in the direction opposite to the current

17.  Which device used for producing electric current ?

1. Generator

2. Galvanometer

3. Ammeter

4. Motor

Answer: generator

18. The magnetic field inside a long straight solenoid carrying current____________________

1. Is zero

2. Decreases as we move towards its end

3. Increases as we move towards its end

4. Is the same at all points

Answer: Is the same at all points

19. In the potential difference between live wire and neutral wire is__________________

1. 240 V

2. 250 V

3. 280 V

4. 220 V.

Answer: 220 V

20.The force on a current-carrying conductor when placed perpendicular in a uniform magnetic field.


2. F=B/IL

3. F=L/BI

4. F=I/BL

 Answer:  F=BIL

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