MCQs on Resonance Tube for NEET

Resonance Tube MCQ for NEET | Pdf 

Practicing our resonance tube mcq for Class 12 with Answers is one of the best ways to prepare for the NEET exam. By practicing more Physics MCQs with Answers Pdf Download, students can improve their speed and accuracy which can help them during NEET exam.


Resonance Tube MCQ


MCQs on Resonance Tube for NEET 

1. In resonance tube experiment we use_________

(a) Transverse progressive waves

(b) Longitudinal progressive waves

(c) Longitudinal stationary waves

(d) Transverse stationary waves

Answer : C



2. The term 0.3D, D being inner diameter of a tube is called as______

(a) Radiation correction 

(b) Rayleigh’s correction

(c) Laplace’s correction

(d) Epoach

Answer: B



3. If a resonance tube gives two consecutive resonances at the length of 15 and 48 cm, then the velocity of sound in air is [frequency of fork = 500 Hz]

(a) 320 m/s

(b) 330 m/s

(c) 340 m/s

(d) 350 m/s

Answer: B



4. An organ pipe (A) closed at one end and vibrating in its first harmonic and another pipe B open at both ends, Vibrating in its third harmonic are in resonance with agiven tuning fork. The ratio of the length of A to that of B is

(a) 1/2

(b) 1/3

(c) 8/3

(d) 1/6

Answer: D



5. The end correction is_________

(a) the distance between the open end of the tube and the tuning fork

(b) the diameter of the tube

(c) the distance between the open end and the nearest node

(d) the distance between the open end of the tube and the antinode just outside the tube

Answer: D



6. Ifinstead of water, the resonance tube is filled with a liquid of density higher than that of water, then the resonating frequency_______

(a) will increase

(b) will decrease

(c) will not change

(d) may increase or decrease

Answer: C


7. In a resonance tube experiment, a tuning fork resonates With an air column of length 12 cm and again resonates when it is 38 cm long. The end correction will be_______

(a) 0.25 cm

(b) 0.5 cm

(c) 0.75 cm

(d) 1 cm

Answer: D



8. The end correction of a resonance column is 1 cm. If the shortest length resonating with a tuning fork is 15 cm, the next resonating length will be

(a) 35 cm

(b) 40 cm

(c) 47 cm

(d) 64 cm

Answer: C



9. In a resonance tube experiment, resonance occurs with a tuning fork of frequency 420 Hz, when the length of the air column is 19 cm. Resonance occurs again when the length is increased to 59 cm. What is the velocity of sound in air?

(a) 300 m/s

(b) 336 m/s

(c) 310 m/s

(d) 320 m/s

Answer : B



10. In a resonance tube experiment, the first and second resonance occur, hen the water levels in the tube are 25 cm and 80 cms below the open end respectively. What is the inner diameter of the resonance tube ?

(a) 10/3 Cm

(b) 20/3 Cm

(c) 25/3 Cm

(d) 40/3 Cm

Answer: C


We hope the given Physics Resonance Tube MCQs Pdf for Class 12 with Answers will help you for your NEET examination. If you have any query regarding Multiple Choice Questions resonance tube with Answers, drop a comment us below. 

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