MCQ on ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

Multiple Choice Questions on ATP

1. Full form of ATP:

A. Adenine Triphosphate

B. Adenosine Triphosphate

C. Adenosine Tetraphosphate

D. Adenosine Tripolymer

Answer: B

2. The structural formula of ATP can be abbreviated as:

A. A-P~P~P

B. A-P-P-P

C. A-P-P-P

D. A~P~P~P

Answer: A

3. Which is called the cell energy currency?





Answer: B

4. In most cases, the energy required by cells to carry out life activities comes directly from________

A. Hydrolysis of ATP

B. Breakdown of glucose

c. Hydrolysis of starch

D. Hydrolysis of fats

Answer: A

5. Where is ATP made in the cell?

A. inner membrane of the mitochondrion 

B. Nucleus 

C. Golgi apparatus 

D. All of these 

Answer: A

6. Which bonds are high energy bonds that connect the phosphates in the molecule of ATP?

A. Covalent bond

B. Chemical bond

C. Ionic bond

D. Hydrogen bond

Answer: A

7. Which of the following statements about ATP is true________

A. “A” represents an adenine

B. The molecule contains a high-energy phosphate bond

C. Its structural formula is A—T~P~P

D. Direct energy substances for life activities

Answer: D

8. How much energy is released when one phosphate bond breaks?

A. 7.8 kcal per mole of ATP

B. 7.2 kcal per mole of ATP

C. 7.3 kcal per mole of ATP

D. 7.0 kcal per mole of ATP

Answer: C

9. A large amount of chemical energy in ATP is stored in_______

A. Adenosine

B. In high-energy phosphate bonds

C. Phosphate group

D. within the linkage of adenosine and phosphate groups

Answer: B

10. How many molecules of ATP are formed from the catabolism of one glucose molecule?

A. 12

B. 24

C. 36

D. 48

Answer: C

11. Which statement about ATP is incorrect is_________

A. There are 3 high-energy phosphate bonds

B. It is the direct energy source of life activities

C. Can be interconverted with ADP

D. is a high-energy phosphoric acid compound

Answer: A

12. If an ATP removes two phosphate groups, the substance is one of the basic units that make up nucleic acid, called_______

A. Adenine nucleotide

B. Guanine nucleotides

C. Cytosine nucleotides

D. Uracil Nucleotide

Answer: A

13. Which of the following statements about ATP is correct?

A. All chemical bonds in the ATP molecule store a lot of energy, so they are called high-energy phosphate compounds

B. Adenosine triphosphate can be abbreviated as A-PPP

C. A large amount of energy in ATP is stored in adenosine and phosphate groups

D. A large amount of energy in ATP is stored in high-energy phosphate bonds

Answer: D

14. Under suitable conditions, the maximum number of ATP molecules that can be synthesized by 20 adenosine and 90 phosphate molecules and the number of high-energy phosphate bonds formed are________

A. 20, 30

B. 30, 90

C. 20, 60

D. 20, 40

Answer: D

15. Which statement about the ATP molecule is true_________

A. A contains deoxyribose

B. The ATP molecule contains five elements C, H, O, N, and

P. T stands for thymine, so the structure of ATP is very similar to that of nucleotides

D. When 1 mole of ATP is hydrolyzed, the released energy of 30.54kJ is stored in two high-energy phosphate bonds

Answer: B

16. Which of the following statements about ATP in human cells is correct________

A. ATP is mainly produced in mitochondria

B. It contains three high-energy phosphate bonds

C. The conversion of ATP to ADP is irreversible

D. A large amount of ATP is stored in cells for physiological activities

Answer: A

17. The correct statement about enzymes and ATP is__________

A. Enzymes have multiple functions in metabolism

B. The catalytic efficiency of enzymes is always higher than that of inorganic catalysts

C. Temperature affects the rate of interconversion between ATP and ADP

D. normal cells have reverse transcriptase

Answer: C

18. Which of the following statements about intracellular ATP is correct______

A. Under suitable light, both chloroplast and mitochondria require O 2

for ATP synthesis. Both chloroplasts and mitochondria have ATP synthase

C. A large amount of ATP is stored in human cells to ensure the need of life activities

D. The structural formula of ATP is A~P~P~P

Answer: B

19. Which of the following statements about ATP and ADP is incorrect________

A. ATP is the direct energy source for life activities

B. In chloroplasts, ADP moves from the chloroplast stroma to the thylakoid membrane, while ATP moves in the opposite direction 

C. Oxygen is required in the stage of animal aerobic respiration that produces a large amount of ATP 

D. ATP’s A stands for adenine, T stands for three, and P stands for phosphate group

Answer: D

20. Which of the following statements about ATP in plant cells is correct_______

A. The only organelle that produces ATP in the mitochondria

C. The energy in the high-energy phosphate bond away from “A” can come from chemical energy or light energy

C. The “A” in ATP stands for adenine, and one ATP molecule contains two high-energy phosphate bonds

D. A large amount of ATP in cells can satisfy the smooth progress of life activities

Answer: B

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