MCQ on Vegetables Pdf

Vegetables Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which vegetable plant belongs to the Cabbage family:

a) asparagus 

b) Spinach 

c) radish 

d) tomato

Answer: C

2. These vegetables are mainly raised through nursery :

a) Tomato, Chillies

b) Cucumber, watermelon

c) Radish, turnip

d) None of above

Answer: A

3. Which vegetable plant belongs to the fruit group:  

a) Spinach 

b) Peas 

c) Beets 

d) Garlic

Answer: B

4. Specify the main substrate for growing vegetables in winter greenhouses with a small-volume crop: 

a) Perlite 

b) Expanded clay 

c) Villan 

d) Vermiculite

Answer: B

5. Indicate which vegetable plant belongs to the plants of a long day:

a) cucumber 

b) Radishes 

c) Beans 

d) Corn

Answer: B

6. Specify which vegetable crop tolerates high soil acidity pH 6, 8 – 5 well: 

a) Asparagus 

b) carrots 

c) Salad 

d) Cabbage

Answer: D

7. Which of the following vegetable is directly seeded in field:

a) Chillies

b) Tomato

c) Brinjal

d) Peas

Answer: D

8. Specify the main advantage of vegetative propagation of vegetable crops over seed

a) Preservation of varietal characteristics 

b) Getting higher yields 

c) Less labor costs for planting

d) All of these 

Answer: D

9. Vegetables which grow during summer

a) Turnip, Raddish

b) Cucumber, watermelon

c) Cauliflower, Cabbage

d) None of above

Answer  B

10. Which vegetables consist of more concentration of Vit. A

a) Carrot

b) Fenogreek

c) Potato

d) Peas

Answer: A

11. Why hardening is practiced in vegetables:

a) To increase the yield

b) To increase fruit colour

c) To increase the resistance of the plant

d) All of the above

Answer: C

12. Deep rooted vegetables require:

a) Less frequent irrigation

b) More water at each irrigation

c) Both a & b

d) None of above

Answer: C

13. Most of the summer vegetables belong to family:

a) Solanaecae

b) Cucurbitaceae

c) Malvaceae

d) Poaceae

Answer: B

14. Quality of fruits and vegetables for fresh consumption is determined by;

a) Grower

b) Retailer

c) Wholesaler

d) Consumer

Answer: A

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