Living world MCQ for class 11 Maharashtra Board

Living World MCQ for class 11 Maharashtra board Pdf Download

Now it is the time to speed up your study and score well in Maharashtra board exam by studying Living world MCQ Questions for Class 11 Biology Maharashtra board with Answers PDF. You should practice MCQ for class 11 biology students regularly to strengthen your confidence and improve your skill. Make your accuracy hundred percent by thoroughly revised the Maharashtra board class 11 biology Multiple Choice Questions with Answers on Living World.

By thorough practicing these Multiple Choice Questions with Answers you can make your base stronger. Make your board exam preparation stronger. Practice Biology Quiz Questions with Answers for Class 11 Maharashtra board in your mind and make your preparation effective.
To do well in all such objective type questions, students should clearly know all the basic concepts of living world. We have provided here the living world MCQs for  Maharashtra board Class Biology that will help students revise all important concepts and topics in a short-time but effectively.
Maharashtra board living world MCQ for class 11

Living world MCQ for class 11 Maharashtra board Pdf

1. Choose correct option
A. Which is not a property of living being?
a. Metabolism
b. Decay
c. Growth
d. Reproduction

B. A particular plant is strictly seasonal plant. Which one of the following is best suited if it is to be studied in the laboratory?
a. Herbarium
b. Museum
c. Botanical garden
d. Flower exhibition

C. A group of students found two cockroaches in the classroom. They had a debate whether they are alive or dead. 
Which life property will help them to do so?
a. Metabolism
b. Growth
c. Irritability
d. Reproduction

D. Metabolism refers to________
a. Release of energy
b. Gain of energy
c. Catabolism
d. Gain or release of energy

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