MCQ on in vitro Fertilisation Pdf

MCQ on in vitro fertilisation Pdf 

Here we Provide accurate and detailed Answers for all MCQ questions On in vitro fertilisation for NEET. These MCQs are designed by our subject experts to facilitate a smooth and easy understanding of any concepts. The NCERT MCQs for Class 12 Biology can be downloaded in the form of a PDF and students can use it as a reference tool to quickly review all the topic-wise MCQs given in your Biology textbook Syllabus.

These in vitro fertilisation NEET MCQ Pdf will help students to build a deeper understanding of each concept covered in the Biology textbook to score high in the board exam. Practicing these MCQ questions will help students to analyze their level of NEET preparation and the Basic knowledge of concepts and clear their doubts quickly.


These MCQ questions may be directly asked in the CBSE board exam or maybe in the NEET exam also, you may have questions based on similar concepts. So, try to practice these in vitro fertilisation MCQ with Answers thoroughly to fine-tune your preparations and score good marks in the NEET exam.


MCQ Questions on In Vitro Fertilization for NEET with Answers

1. Which program is involved in collecting eggs from females and sperm from males to induce fertilization in a test tube?

(a) Swachha Bharat program

(b) Test tube baby program

(c) Anti-national program

(d) Fertility program

Answer: a


2.  IVF stands for_________

 (a) Inevitable fertilisation

 (b) In vitro fertilisation

 (c)  In vitro fermentation

 (d)  Inverted fertilisation

Answer: b


3. In the test tube baby program, what method is used for the implantation of the embryo from the 1-8 cell stage?

(a) Zygote intra-fallopian transfer

(b) Intra uterine transfer

(c) Zygote inter fallopian transfer

(d) Inter uterine transfer

Answer: a


4. GIFT stands for _________

(a) gamete intrafallopian transfer

(b) gamete inter fallopian transfer

(c) gamete intrafallopian traction

(d) gamete inter fallopian traction

Answer: a


5. First mammal produced by IVF was_____

(a) Calf

(b) Mouse

(c) Rabbit

(d) Monkey

Answer: c


6. What method can be used for carrying out in vivo fertilization for a sterile but fertile female?

(a) ZIFT

(b) GIFT

(c) IUT

(d) AI

Answer: b


7. IVF involves transfer of_____________

(a) Ovum into the fallopian tube.

(b) Zygote into the fallopian tube.

(c) Zygote into the uterus

(d) Embryo with 16 blastomeres into the fallopian tube.

Answer: b


8. IVF also known as ___________

(a) test tube baby

(b) AI

(c) all 

(d) none of the above

Answer: a


9. ________ is an alternative procedure for IVF.

(a) IUT

(b) Al

(c) GIFT

(d) None of the above

Answer: c


10. ET stands for_______

(a) Ejaculate Transfer

(b) Embryo Transfer

(c) Embryo Termination

(d) Embryo Teleportation

Answer: b

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