MCQ on Origin of Life with Answers

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Multiple Choice Questions on Origin of Life

Origin of life :

  • There are many hypotheses about the origin of life on earth. Most scholars agree with the theory of the chemical origin and believe that primitive life on earth originated from non-living matter. 
  • The conditions provided by the primitive earth for the chemical origin theory of the origin of life mainly include the following three aspects:
  • (1) Material conditions – the primitive atmosphere contains carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane, water vapor, hydrogen sulfide, and a small amount of Hydrogen, etc., characterized by the absence of free oxygen in the original atmosphere.
  • (2) Energy conditions – cosmic rays, ultraviolet rays, lightning, and volcanic eruptions that constantly appeared on the primitive earth provided energy for chemical evolution.
  • (3) Certain environmental conditions—primitive ocean, is the cradle of primitive life.

The theory of chemical origin:

  • The non-living matter on the primitive earth has gradually evolved into primitive life after extremely long years and complex chemical processes. This is the theory of chemical origin. The chemical evolution process of the origin of life is divided into four stages.
  • Miller’s experiments proved the possibility of transforming from inorganic small molecules to organic small molecules in the original atmosphere.
  • The Miller experiment simulates the conditions and atmospheric composition of the primordial Earth, in which gases such as methane, ammonia, and oxygen simulate the primordial atmosphere, spark discharges simulate lightning, the condenser simulates rainfall, and the liquid under the device simulates the the primordial oceans.
  • Miller’s experiments show that under certain conditions, in the primitive atmosphere of the primitive earth, various components can be converted into small organic molecules, which is the first step in the origin of life. 
  • Scientists speculate that the second step in the origin of life is the synthesis of organic macromolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids from small organic molecules. 
  • The third step in the origin of life is the formation of multi-molecular independent systems of organic macromolecules on Earth. 
  • The fourth step in the origin of life is also a decisive step, which is that the multi-molecular independent system gradually formed primitive life in the primitive ocean.

MCQ on Origin of Life

1. Who demonstrated that life originated from pre-existing cells?

A. Louis Pasteur

B. Hugo de Vries

C. Charles Darwin

D. Stanley Miller

Answer: A

2. The theory of spontaneous generation was rejected by which scientist?

A. Pasteur

B. Lavoisier

C. Kuhn

D. Lamarck

Answer: A

3. Which scientist called the water of primitive sea pre-biotic soup?

A. Haldane

B. Oparin

C. Mendel

D. Stevens

Answer: A

4. The substance formed in the second step of the origin of life is___________

A. protein, nucleic acid

B. amino acid, nucleic acid

C. carbon dioxide, protein

D. amino acid, methane

Answer: A

5. Miller and Urey performed an experiment to prove the origin of life. They took gases H20 and CH4 along with _______

A. N2 and H2O

B. NH3 and H2

C. CH4 and N2

D. CO2 and NH3

Answer: B

6. Which scientist in his Recapitulation theory stated that “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny”?

A. Ernst Haeckel

B. Louis Pasteur

C. Charles Darwin

D. S.L. Miller

Answer: A

7. Primitive life originated from_________

A. primitive land

B. pristine ocean

C. primordial atmosphere

D. soil

Answer: B

8. Miller’s experiments simulating primordial Earth conditions produced_________

A. oxygen

B. water vapor

C. amino acid

D. protein

Answer: C

9. Which theory attempts to explain to us the origin of the universe?

A. Explosion theory

B. Big-Bang theory

C. Black hole theory

D. Gamma theory

Answer: B

10. Scientists speculate that the formation time of primitive life is about how many years after the formation of the earth__________

A. 1 billion years

B. 1.5 billion years

C. 2 billion years

D. 4 billion years

Answer: D

11. From the perspective of the process of the origin of life, the most important substances that makeup life are_______

A. Lipids

B. Water

c. Co2

D. Nitrogen

Answer: B

12. The chemical evolution simulation experiment was done by American scientist Miller et al supports the origin of life process__________

A. Inorganic → organic small molecule stage

B. Organic small molecule → organic macromolecule stage

C. Organic macromolecules → independent system stage

D. Independent system → primitive life stage

Answer: A

13. Which of the following statements is incorrect about the origin of life?

A. Life originated from non-living matter

B. Life originated from primitive land

C. The primordial ocean is the cradle of life

D. Pristine ocean looks similar to a hot soup

Answer: B

14. Regarding the origin of life, which statement is correct_______

A. Primitive life must have originated on Earth

b. The original atmospheric composition is the same as the current atmospheric composition

c. The earliest organisms may have formed organic matter from the components of the original atmosphere, and then gradually formed in the original ocean

D. Miller simulates a primitive earth environment for experiments, resulting in primitive life

Answer: C

15. Which of the following is not a condition for the origin of life__________

A. Primitive Earth has primordial atmospheres such as water vapor, ammonia, methane, etc.

b. The primitive earth has natural conditions such as high temperature, ultraviolet rays, and lightning.

c. The primordial ocean is the cradle of life

D. Primitive Earth is rich in oxygen, supplying primitive life to breathe

Answer: D

16. Which of the following descriptions is incorrect_________

A. There are still different views on the origin of life on earth

b. From inorganic matter in the primitive atmosphere to organic matter, to the emergence of primitive life is a long process

c. How did the stage from organic matter to primitive life proceed, Miller’s experimental results are enough to explain the problem

D. Regarding the origin of life, scientists are still making unremitting exploration

Answer: C

17. Among the following statements about the origin of life and the origin of human beings, the correct one is___________

①Life originated from primitive oceans

②Life originated from a primitive atmosphere

③Humans originated from modern apes

④Humans originated from forest ancient apes.

A. ①③

B. ①④

C. ②④

D. ②③

Answer: B

18. The chemical evolution process of the origin of life was carried out under the conditions of the primitive earth. The conditions at that time were_________

① the temperature of the earth’s surface slowly decreased

② the temperature of the interior of the earth was still high

③ frequent volcanic activity formed the primitive atmosphere

④ there was a considerable amount of The presence of a large amount of oxygen

⑤ the earth’s surface gradually formed a primitive ocean.

A. ①②③④

B. ①②③⑤

C. ②③④⑤

D. ①③④⑤

Answer: B

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