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Select the Incorrect Statement MCQ with Answers  : 

Now it is the time to speed up your study and score well in exams by studying Select the incorrect Statement MCQ Questions for NEET Students with Answers PDF. You should practice MCQ regularly to strengthen your confidence and improve your skill. Make your accuracy hundred percent by thoroughly revising these Questions with Answers.

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To do well in all such objective-type questions, students should know all the basic concepts of each topic. We have provided here the Select the incorrect statement from the following Options MCQs that will help students revise all important concepts and topics in a short time but effectively.


Select the Incorrect statement MCQ


Select the Incorrect Statement MCQ Questions and Answers  : 

1. Which statement(s) is/are true about glucose pentaacetate?

(a) It will react with phenylhydrazine but not with Tollens’ reagent

(b) It will react with Tollens’ reagent but not with phenylhydrazine

(c) It will react with both of the above-mentioned reagents

(d) It will react neither with phenylhydrazine nor with Tollens’ reagent

Answer : D


2. Consider the following statements and Select the incorrect statement, among the following options___________

(a) Haemoglobin is soluble in water.

(b) Alpha keratin is soluble in water.

(c) Cellulose is a polymer of glucose.

(d) Chlorophyll is responsible for the synthesis of carbohydrates.in plants.

Answer: B


3. Select the incorrect statement from the following wrt Adsorption__________

(a) Physical adsorption is reversible while the chemical is irreversible.

(b) High pressure favours physical adsorption while low pressure favours chemical adsorption.

(c) Physical adsorption is not specific while the chemical is highly specific.

(d) High activation energy is involved in chemical adsorption.

Answer: B


4. Select the incorrect statement from the following Options_______

(a) Oxidative decarboxylation of pyruvic acid requires the presence of the enzyme pyruvate dehydrogenase

(b) All living cells whether aerobic or anaerobic, perform glycolysis

(c) Cyanide does not stop chemiosmosis

(d) Respiratory chain uses  as a final hydrogen acceptor

Answer: C


5. Select incorrect statement w.r.t chemiosmotic hypothesis__________

(i)  headpiece contains the site for the synthesis of from. 

(ii)  part forms the channel through which protons cross the inner membrane.

(iii) For each produced,  pass through from the intermembrane space to the matrix down the electrochemical proton gradient.

(a) (ii) and (iii)

(b) (i) and (iii)

(c) (i), (ii) and (iii)

(d) (iv) Only

Answer: D


6. Select the incorrect statement from the following:  

(a) Mangifera, Solanum, and Panthera represent generic epithets.  

(b) Petunia and Datura belong to the family Solanaceae. 

(c) Leo, aestivum, and musca represent specific epithets. (d) Mango belongs to the order Sapindales.  

Answer: C


7. Select the incorrect statement:  

(a) Frequency of certain genes in a population change over several generations resulting in evolution  

(b) Reduction in weight of the organisms due to starvation is genetically controlled  

(c) Low-weight parents can have heavyweight progeny  

(d) Traits that are not inherited over generations do not cause evolution

Answer: B   


8. Which of the following statements regarding photoperiodism is incorrect?

(a) The response of plants to periods of light/day is termed photoperiodism

(b) The shoot apices cannot perceive photoperiods

(c) In day-neutral plants there is no correlation between exposure to light duration and induction of flowering response

(d) Shoot apices modify themselves into flowering apices before flowering

(e) The site of perception of the light/dark duration is the flower

Answer: E


9. Select the wrong statement from the following Options MCQ_________

(a) An equivalent pipe is treated as an ordinary pipe for all calculations

(b) The length of an equivalent pipe is equal to that of a compound pipe

(c) The discharge through an equivalent pipe is equal to that of a compound pipe

(d) The diameter of an equivalent pipe is equal to that of a compound pipe

Answer: D


10. Select the incorrect statement from the following Options about megasporophyll in gymnosperm?  

(a) It bears megasporangia.  

(b) Megasporangium bears two functional megaspores.  

(c) Female gametophyte is produced inside the megasporangium.  

(d) Megaspore is retained inside the megasporangium.

Answer: B


11. Which one of the following statements is incorrect about Cycas? 

(a) It does not have a well-organized female flower. 

(b) It has circinate vernation 

(c) its xylem is mainly composed of xylem vessels 

(d) its roots contain some blue-green algae

Answer: C


12. Select the incorrect statement from the following :  

(a) Galactosemia is an inborn error of metabolism  

(b) Small population size results in random genetic drift in a population  

(c) Baldness is a sex-limited trait  

(d) Linkage is an exception to the principle of independent assortment in heredity

Answer: C


13. Select the Incorrect statement w.r.t Hormone________

(a) LH triggers ovulation in the ovary

(b) LH and FSH decrease gradually during the follicular phase

(c) LH triggers the secretion of androgens from the Leydig cells.

(d) FSH stimulates the Sertoli cells which help in spermiogenesis

Answer: B


14. Choose the incorrect statement from the following

(a) Ozone is a molecule formed by three atoms of oxygen.

(b) Ozone shields the surface of the Earth from ultraviolet radiation.

(c) Ozone is deadly poisonous.

(d) Ozone gets decomposed by UV radiation.

Answer : D

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