PPL MCQ : MCQ on Polarisation

MCQ on Polarisation | PPL MCQ 

The phenomenon of polarisation proves that light consists of transverse waves. It can be demonstrated by using two tourmaline crystals, Nicol prism, or polaroids. A light wave in which all the vibrations of the electric vector E occur in a single direction, perpendicular to the direction of propagation is said to be a linearly polarised or a plane polarised light wave. The plane of vibration of plane polarised light is perpendicular to the plane of polarization.

Types of polarised light

(i) unpolarised light

(ii) plane polarised light

(ii) partially polarised light


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PPL MCQ ( Plane Polarised light MCQ)


1. Which one of the following properties shows that align consists of transverse waves?

(a) Interference

(b) Dispersion

(c) Polarisation

(d) Diffraction

Answer: C


2. The phenomenon of polarisation proves that light has________

(a) dual nature

(b) quantum nature

(c) particle nature

(d) transverse nature

Answer: D


3. The phenomenon of polarisation can not be observed in the case of________

(a) Ultraviolet rays

(b) Sound waves

(c) Radio waves

(d) Microwaves

Answer: B


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4. In which one of the following phenomena, colors are not produced if white light is used?

(a) Dispersion

(b) Diffraction

(c) Polarisation

(d) Interference

Answer: C


5. Which one of the following properties is not common for light and sound waves?

(a) Polarisation

(b) Reflection

(c) Inverse square law

(d) Interference

Answer: A


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6. Light can not be polarised by________

(a) reflection

(b) refraction

(c) diffraction

(d) scattering

Answer: C


7. In a plane polarised electromagnetic wave, the angle between the planes of vibration and polarization is______

(a) 00

(b) 300

(c) 600

(d) 900

Answer: D


71. Consider sound waves in air, electromagnetic, waves in the visible region, and transverse waves on a string. The phenomenon of polarisation can be observed in__________

(a) sound waves in the air and transverse waves on the string

(b) electromagnetic waves and sound waves in the air

(c) Electromagnetic waves in the visible region and transverse waves on the string 

(d) Sound waves 

Answer: C


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