How to prepare for MPSC | MPSC study tips 2024

How to prepare for MPSC | MPSC Study Tips 2024

In today’s time, the most difficult task for students is to prepare for their MPSC exam because you have to study very hard to prepare for the MPSC exam. For the preparation for the Maharashtra public service Commission exam, you have to read the syllabus of the exam and prepare your notes by reading from the book and know the exam pattern of what type of questions are asked in the exam. Apart from this, you have to read all the notes you have made so that you can prepare for your MPSC exam well. But a student should rarely complete the preparation for his exam by doing all such work.

How to prepare for mpsc exam


Because many people do not like to read and they keep thinking that they will study tomorrow and by then the exam comes, due to which many students do not get enough time to prepare for their exam and then they One has to study a day before the exam, due to which many times their exam is not good.

Today in this article, we will discuss about some tips to avoid many such problems and how to prepare your MPSC entrance exam properly in a short time. If you follow the tips and rules given in this article, then you score good marks in the MPSC exam. You can use these tips in preparing for your upcoming MPSC exam. If you are preparing for a MPSC competitive exam, or if you are preparing for your school or college exam then you can still follow the tips given in this article.


How to prepare for MPSC exam?

Every student works hard to achieve success in MPSC because there is a lot of competition in MPSC, so it becomes very difficult to pass the MPSC exam. If there is a lack of MPSC exam knowledge, then it is not easy to pass the exam.

Therefore, in the era of this increasing competition, it is very important to prepare for any exam before it, but many times, how to prepare for the exam when the exam is going to come for the students.

So today we have given some best tips for preparing for the MPSC exam below to deal with this problem, by following which you can make the preparation for your exam easy and you can get success in the exam.


1. Know the MPSC exam syllabus:

If you want to prepare for your exam with minimum time and hard work, then you should first see the MPSC syllabus of the paper to be done in your exam and should read which topics are going to be asked in that paper exam. How many topics are there in that paper? You should get basic information on all these topics. With this, you will get to know about the topics coming in the exam, which topic is hard, hard to read, and which subject is easy to read.

For MPSC Syllabus you need to know about the new MPSC Exam Pattern. Before appearing in the examination candidates should have a clear MPSC New Paper Structure for Prelims/Main Exam, its marking scheme in detail, duration, etc.

MPSC Prelims Exam Pattern : 

  1. The preliminary Exam consists of two papers that are Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  2. The duration of both the paper will be 2 hours.
  3. Both papers contain 400 marks each paper carries 200 marks and it is of Objective.
  4. There is a negative marking.


MPSC Mains Exam Pattern : 

  1. GS Paper 1, GS Paper 2, GS Paper 3, and GS Paper 4 are of the Objective type and it contains 150 Marks for each Paper.
  2. Compulsory Marathi and Compulsory English are of the descriptive type which contains 100 Marks for each Paper.
  3. The total marks for both papers are 800 Marks.
  4. There is a negative marking.


2. Solve the previous year’s papers for MPSC exam:

This is the easiest way to prepare for any type of exam. From the previous years papers of any examination, you will find that One gets to know the exam asked in the exam. In this, you can take the help of the syllabus of the exam and find out what kind of questions come in this exam, which topic is asked more questions. Which chapter is asked fewer questions and which chapter is easier to read and which chapter is harder? If you have very little time left in your exam and you want to prepare well, then you should adopt this method, it will improve your exam and you can bring good marks. Hear at we create model question papers that are designed according to the latest syllabus and curriculum of the MPSC Exam.


3. Create your reading timetable:

To prepare for the MPSC exam paper you must have to make your reading timetable because by making a timetable, you will be able to do your studies daily and then you will have to study at least 4 to 8 hours every day from the same timetable. 

There are many benefits of making an MPSC exam time table such as : 

  1. You can achieve your MPSC Goal in a Short time and easily.
  2. You can give time to your exam preparation as well as your Social life, Physical life, and Study life.
  3. Your mind will be free from worry throughout the day and that is why you will do the rest of the work with full attention in your mpsc exam.
  4. You will always be happy and calm.
  5. You can improve the way of study at MPSC.
  6. Methods of time management will develop within you, on your own.
  7. You will understand the importance of time and you will become a responsible person.


4. Sort chapters to read

If you want to prepare for your exam well, then you should read the topic that comes in your exam by sorting. Meaning you should read all your topics giving them priority. Read the topic that you can prepare quickly and read the topic in which you take time. This will help you to prepare for your exam and you will be able to read more topics.

Whenever you read any topic, try to make that topic in a few points and read it. With this, you will not find any topic too big and you will be able to remember and read any topic easily.

Understand any topic in your exam first, what it is about. You have to understand that topic first to remember it, only then do you read that topic. When you understand a topic, then you will not have to cram that topic for the exam.


5. Make notes for the exam

As you know that the best way to prepare for any exam is to study by making notes. When you make notes for any exam, then you write down the right essentials of any topic, so that you get to know a lot of things. When you read these notes again, you remember all these points. Therefore, we should study by making notes to prepare for any exam.


6. Study in a secluded and serene environment

Choose a quiet environment to study. If you study in a quiet, inspiring, and energetic place, then your process of remembering becomes faster. You can concentrate in a secluded place and study well. Whenever you start studying, keep in mind that there is no noisy environment around you, so you do not have any problem studying and you can study carefully and mindfully.


7. Take short breaks and study

According to a study, the best way to study is to keep taking small breaks while studying. With this, you will not get bored in studying and you will be able to study diligently. You will know that if you keep doing the same thing continuously, then you feel bored and tired. In the same way, our brain also gets tired while studying the same work. So take a break of 5 to 10 minutes every 45 to 50 minutes. So that your mind will be refreshed and stable.

Now the question comes, what should be done in the break? Listen to a song without feelings. Or roam a little inside the room. But do not open the Internet or Fb, or Whatsapp, or else your timetable will remain intact. Meditation can be done for 10 minutes.


8. Use the internet

If you face any problem in any topic while doing your studies, then you can take the help of the Internet, which can cause any problem in you. If you still do not understand any topic, then you can take help from any of your friends or teachers.


9. Try to avoid exam stress

Due to the stress of examinations, we are not able to focus our full attention on our studies. Therefore, do not let exam stress dominate you at all. If you are feeling stressed due to the exam then the below article can help you in relieving the stress of the exam.

Education is most important for the success of any person. If you get a good education in your student life and pass a good number in your exam then you will surely achieve success. But to get good numbers in the exam, the most important thing is to study by making a timetable for the exam so that the studies can be done well and you will be successful in getting good numbers in your exam.

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