MPSC Full Form- What Does MPSC Stand For?

MPSC Full Form- What Does MPSC Stand For?

The full form of MPSC is Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC).

In today’s article, we are going to give you information about MPSC. Many people hear the name of MPSC, but they do not know much about MPSC. So today we are going to share all the information related to MPSC on, such as what is the full form of MPSC? What is MPSC? You will get many more information related to this. Let us now tell you about MPSC.

MPSC Full Form- What Does MPSC Stand For?

What is MPSC Full Form?
Many people keep thinking that they have to give MPSC exam in the future, but there are also many people who do not know the full form of MPSC. That is why we are going to tell you about the complete form of MPSC first in this article today. So let’s now know the full form of MPSC.

We are going to tell you the full form of MPSC so that if you go ahead and ask the full form of MPSC, you should not be embarrassed.

What is MPSC?
We have told you about the full form of MPSC above. So now what is the MPSC after all, this question also keeps wandering in the minds of many people, so let us now also tell you about what is MPSC.

Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) is an organizing body of various recruitment examinations in the state of Maharashtra. It acts as a recruitment portal in which jobs are offered in various departments of the state government. Every year, the Maharashtra government conducts MPSC exams, through which it selects qualified candidates under its various departments like administration, police, forest and engineering.

Which posts are in MPSC :
Class 1 posts :

  1. Deputy Collector
  2. Deputy Suprintendent of Police (DySP)
  3. Assistant Commissioner Sales Tax
  4. Deputy Registrar Co-operative Socities
  5. Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  6. Suprintendent State Excise Deppt
  7. Block Development Officer (BDO) – A
  8. Finance, Audit & Accounts Service – Group A
  9. Chief Officer, Nagar Palika / Nagar Parishad – A
  10. Tahasildar

Class 2 Posts :

  1. Block Development Officer (BDO) – B
  2. Deputy Superintendent State Excise Deppt
  3. Finance, Audit & Accounts Service – Group B
  4. Nayab Tahasildar
  5. Sales tax officer
  6. Sales tax inspector
  7. some posts in Mantralaya
  8. Chief Officer, Nagar Palika / Nagar Parishad – B
  9. Sub-registrar Cooperative Societies – B
  10. Taluka Inspector of Land Records(TILR)

What is Syllabus of MPSC?
You have already known the full form of MPSC and what is MPSC, so now we give you some information about the syllabus of MPSC, so that whenever you think about giving this exam in future, you will get more You will not have to face trouble. So let’s now know about the syllabus of MPSC.

Syllabus for Preliminary Examination: – The Preliminary Examination consists of four papers i.e. General Knowledge, General English, General Marathi and General Studies.

The candidates who pass the preliminary examination qualify for the main examination. In the main examination, there will be six papers; Two language papers (English and Marathi) and four papers in general studies.

Four papers are given below: –
• History and Geography (with reference to Maharashtra)
• Indian Constitution and Politics
• Human Resource Development and Human Rights
• Economics of Economy and Planning, Development and Agriculture and Science and Technology Development.

How to study MPSC?
After knowing the syllabus of MPSC, it is also necessary to know how to study it. Because many people think of giving this exam, but they do not know about how to study this exam. So let’s now know how to study MPSC.

It is extremely important to have a proper plan with the necessary tips to crack the MPSC exam. Because MPSC is one of the most difficult exams in India, students are advised to take coaching from any top institute for MPSC coaching. Candidates should improve writing skills as the exam includes important papers like English and Marathi, subjective questions are asked in both the papers. Make sure you have the best authors books that cover the entire gamut of topics you choose. It is also important to mention the question papers of previous years and they cannot be ignored.


What is the eligibility required to take MPSC Exam?
The information given above is as important as the eligibility to take this exam. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria to take this MPSC Exam, then you cannot take this exam. So let’s now know about MPSC eligibility.

The standards are defined by the Commission conducting the MPSC recruitment examination. Participants should ensure that they meet the minimum eligibility criteria for various posts before applying for the respective posts. The eligibility criteria is as follows.

1. Nationality

2. A person must be a citizen of India to be eligible for MPSC.

3. Only those applicants who are permanently domiciled in the state of Maharashtra can avail the reservation.

4. The lower age limit is set at the age of 18 years hence you should be above 18 years of age and the upper age limit prescribed for the test is 33 years for the general category.

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