CID officer : Eligibility, Exam pattern, syllabus

Most youngsters dream of becoming doctors or engineers by growing up, but some youngsters want to do something different, some youngsters also want to become CID officers. If you want to make a career in this field, then you should start preparing for it very soon.

To become a CID officer, you must have a sharp mind, a strong body, ability to solve any task. So today we are going to tell you about how to become a CID officer. You must have seen a serial named CID in childhood, in which the officer secretly solves a case of kidnapping, murder, or theft. You too have to solve the cases in the same way after becoming an officer.

It is not an easy task to become a CID officer, for this,s you have to work hard to tell you that a CID officer has a full Criminal Investigation Department i.e. this agency works under the Government of India in secretly solving criminal cases.

It is not that the CID is different from the police, rather it is a secret form of agency police. In the more sensitive cases, the CID agency solves those cases instead of the police, so what are the qualifications required to become a CID officer?

CID officer: Eligibility, Exam pattern, syllabus

CID officer: Eligibility, Exam pattern, syllabus

CID Full Form:

CID Full form is Crime Investigation Department, which is called Crime Investigation Department. It is a special branch of the police organization. The officers working in this department are called CID officers. In today’s article, we will talk about what is a CID, what is a CID officer and how to become a CID officer. If you want to become a CID officer, then this post is very useful for you.

Every country has this department, but in different countries, it is known by different names. In this article, we will learn about it in detail.


What is CID?

CID stands for Criminal Investigation Department, which is called CID in short. C.I.D officers act as the detective agency for the Government of India. The Criminal Investigation Department is called CID and the officer working in it is called CID Officer.

Explain that in the year 1902, this branch was established by the British Government. The CID is a unit under the British State Police and the British Commonwealth State Police. The Crime Investigation Agency investigates special cases entrusted by the government and the DGP (Director General of Police). This agency is different from the Special Branch. Originally, CID investigates crime cases within a state.

It works on the orders of the state government. The purpose of making this unit is to investigate the cases independently.


Duties and responsibilities of CID officers?

CID officers investigate serious cases like murder, serious assault case, robbery, fraud, and rape case. A CID officer collects all the facts and evidence related to the case and captures the culprit and presents it in court.

Officers also have to travel to many cities and states to collect facts. However, officers can seek the help of local police to solve the case.

CID also needs other departments to solve the case such as the Fingerprints / Footprint Bureau, Anti-Human Trafficking and Missing Persons Bureau, Human Rights Department, Bank Fraud, Dog Squad, Crime Inspection,n and Scientific Research Cente,r, etc.

There are many posts in the CID department. This department is headed by the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP). Whom the Inspector General of Police (IGP) helps.


CID Officers Dress Code:
Be aware that the officers of this unit do not wear uniforms like ordinary police but live in civil dress. It is also written in its manual that unless there is a special event, the CID Officers will not remain in uniform but in civil dress. Apart from this, these officers do not even salute their seniors.


How to become a CID officer?

Officers in CID are recruited from the personnel of the state police service itself. That is the constables of the state police, the inspection,r and higher officials are selected for this department. To become a CID officer, one should have at least two years of experience as a uniform officer. After that, you can apply for transfer to a CID office post where you are given complete training.

All the activities of CID officers are kept secret. If a person wants to get admitted to this department, then he has to pass the criminology examination after passing the police examination conducted by the state government. Its complete process is described below.


Eligibility for CID Officer:

There are many positions available for candidates to be admitted to CID (like we mentioned above). The post is offered to the candidate according to merit. For example, it is necessary to have at least a graduate level for officer level. Similarly, for the post of Sub Inspector, the candidate should be a graduate. To get the post of Assistant Inspector, a candidate must have a 12th pass.

  1. To become a CID Officer, eligibility is mandatory.
  2. The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  3. Both men and women can apply for this post.
  4. Candidates should have passed the 12th standard.


Age limit for becoming a CID officer

First of all, when talking about the age limit, the age limit of the general category candidates has been kept at 20 to 27 years. The age limit of OBC category candidates has been kept from 20 to 30 years. At the same time, the age limit of SC and ST candidates has been kept from 20 to 27 years. ST and SC, like the rest of the job, have been given a 5-year exemption.


Physical Criteria for the Post of CID Officer:

To become a CID officer one must have his physical characteristics.

  1. Height for men – 165 cm
  2. Height for women – 150 cm
  3. Elevation for men and tribal people of hilly areas – 5 cm
  4. Chest – 76 centimeters, inflated
  5. Eye-sight (with or without glasses) -Distant vision: 6/6 in one and 6/9 in the other
  6. Near vision: 0.6 in one eye and 0.8 in the other eye


Attempt for CID Officer Exam:

  1. For General Category – 4 attempts
  2. For SC / ST category – no limit
  3. For the OBC category – 7 attempts


Selection Procedure for CID Officer:

To become a CID officer, you have to go through the selection process of a written test, physical test,t, and interview. First of all the candidates for CID Officer have to take a written test, after which the physical test of the candidate is done, if the candidate passes both of them then he is called for an interview. Based on the marks obtained in the interview, the candidate becomes a CID officer.

Now you will want to know where their examination takes place and how to apply for it, then tell you that the CID officer’s exam is conducted by UPSC and SSC every year, then you can go to their website and check online You can test it in two parts, in the first exam there is a paper of 200 marks, in which you get 2 hours, while the second paper is of 400 marks, for which the full 4 hours is given. If you pass these exams and physical tests, then you are called for an interview after which you become a CID officer.

The selection process is based on the positions required for qualification of written tests and personal interviews and some effective required tests.


Exam pattern :

Selection steps:

  1. Written exam
  2. Physical test
  3. Interview

Written exam
For this post, UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is the first to conduct a written examination, in which mainly 2 examinations have to be passed.

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Part 1 :
In the first paper of the written examination, the candidate has to solve the 200-mark paper in 2 hours, which includes negative marking, meaning that if you get a question wrong, your 0.25 mark will be deducted. In this first paper, questions related to general awareness, quantitative aptitude, understanding of English, etc. are asked.

  1. Duration 2 hours
  2. Total marks 200 (50 marks each)
  3. This includes general intelligence + reasoning
  4. general awareness
  5. Numerical qualifications
  6. Understand English


Part 2
In this second paper, in 4 hours, the cadet is given 400 marks to solve the paper, in which 0.50 marks are deducted if a question is wrong.

  1. Duration – 4 hours
  2. Total Marks – 400 (100 marks each)
  3. It contains- Arithmetic ability (100 questions, 2 hours)
  4. English Language and Comprehension (200 questions, 2 hours)
  5. Interview: 100 marks


Physical examination
After passing the written examination, a physical examination will be called based on a specified date, in which the length, chest, etc. of the beneficiary are measured.


The interview
After the written test air physical test, you will be called for the final exam interview related to this post, in which you will be asked 100 questions related to reasoning, intelligence, general knowledge,e, etc. if the cup passes the exam of this interview. Finally, you will be made a CID officer.


Salary of CID Officer :

In this department, many people are paid for different posts according to their qualifications. Basse Basic: In this department, the selected person is given a salary from 8000 to 25000 per month. Also, some government services are provided.

Pay scale for CID Officer: Salary also varies with rank. However, a forest range can get a pay range between Rs 8000-24500. Apart from salary, officers also get allowances such as grade pay, dearness allowance, leave travel allowance, medical and housing,g, etc.


Basic Skills Required for CID Officer:

  1. Knowledge of the best communication skills, Pleasing Manor, and current opportunities in society. Also, the candidate’s memory should be very good.
  2. Must have a sharp mind, strong body, sharp eyes, the ability to recognize a person, and understanding to solve any task is very important.


Rank / Status for CID:

  1. CID is headed by the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) in the police forces.
  2. Additional Director General of Police (ADGP)
  3. Inspector General of Police (IGP)
  4. General Sub-Division (DIG)
  5. Police Officer (SP)
  6. Deputy Superintendent of Police (Dy, S.P.)
  7. Inspector
  8. Superintendent (Superintendent)
  9. Under Inspector (Sub-Inspector)
  10. Assistant Under Inspector (Sub Inspector)
  11. Constable (constable)


Additional Benefits
If a candidate has a criminology course in his course then he is given a special benefit. Sotoo gets benefits in the CID department, you can enroll in any university where criminology courses are offered. There are many such universities in India. The basic qualification for this course should be class 10 + 2 pass with Arts or Science.


How to prepare for CID officer?

All students know that today is an era of competition because every young student is in the race to get a government job today, so today the competition in all the examinations is increasing considerably which makes it very difficult to pass.

And today we are talking about the exam for the post of CID, so it is not so easy for any student to pass this exam because its exam is done by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission).

If you are preparing for any competitive examination, then you must be aware that the examinations under this UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) are not easy at all, they have to work hard to pass.

Now if you also want to become a CID officer, then you will have to work hard for this from the very beginning, only then you can get success in it, the rest of us can tell you about its exam pattern above. Which you are preparing for this exam Can make this exam easy. Also, by reading some important points given below, you can make the exam under this UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) easier and make a career in this department.

It comes under the department of a detective agency, in which you have to run your mind with cleverness and catch the criminals for which you can take the help of the serial coming on TV, it will help you in mastering this work.

This exam is under UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). you can take the help of a coaching institute for preparation. Along with preparing for this exam, you have to pay special attention to your physical body as you have to undergo a physical examination for this post. You can prepare for this exam with the help of the Internet.

To become a good CID officer, be sure to look at the CID-linked serials so that you can get an idea of ​​how the work is done. Try to be alert all the time. To pass the exam, you read the newspaper every day, pay attention to current affairs and try to solve old papers as well.

Hopefully after reading the post, you will have understood what you need to do to reach your destination and this post will help you a lot to become a CID officer.

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