COMEDK 2021 FAQs : COMEDK Important Questions and Answers


COMEDK is the “Karnataka School of Medicine, Engineering and Dentistry Consortium” – an autonomous institution made up of senior academics and renowned administrative officials who have been associated with the educational ecological system. This autonomous COMEDK was entrusted with the responsibility of organizing test procedures to determine the merits of aspiring students in an effective, fair, transparent and non-exploitative procedure by KPCF (Karnataka Professional Colleges Foundation – Medical & Dental) and KUPECA (Karnataka Unaided Private Engineering Colleges) Association). With this, COMEDK serves 16 medical schools, 24 dentistry and about 190 engineering schools. COMEDK, since its creation in 2004-05, carries out the annual entrance exam for undergraduate and graduate courses at member institutions and also organizes the centralized single window counseling process in the last 15 years.
COMEDK 2021 FAQs : COMEDK Important Questions and Answers

1. What do these abbreviations represent?
a) OAF – Online application form
b) TAT – Admission Ticket
2. What computer knowledge is required to appear in Computer Test mode?
Answer : The candidate needs to know how to operate the computer mouse
3. What will be the means of the UGET 2019 Computer Based Test?
Answer : The means of examination will be in English only
4. What will happen if there is a problem with the computer during the exam?
Answer : There will be enough buffer systems available at the exam center to take care of such problems and time wasted on changing the system will be properly taken care of, as every second will be recorded by the server
5. Will there be a question book like in the offline exam?
Answer : In the online computer-based test, questions will appear on the computer screen, along with answer options. The instructions page also displayed before the actual test starts. The reading time of the instructions will not be part of the exam duration
6. How will I answer a question in the UGET 2021 computer-based test?
Answer : There will be four options for each question. You need to click on one of the options using the computer mouse, which can be reviewed
or answered again at any time during the exam duration.
7. Can I change my answer during the exam?
Answer : Yes, You can change your answer several times before completing your online exam session.
8. Is the Entry Test open only to Karnataka students?
Answer : No, this test is open to all eligible students in the country.
9. Are applicants applying from outside the State of Karnataka eligible to obtain the benefit of lower qualifying grades?
Answer : SC / ST and OBC candidates belonging to Karnataka are only eligible to obtain the benefit of lower qualifying grades.
10. I finished my 2nd PUC / 12th STD a few years ago. Am I eligible for these courses?
Answer : For the B.Tech flow, you would be eligible according to AICTE / VTU standards
11. Is there an age limit for the course?
Answer : For the B.Tech flow, you would be eligible according to AICTE / VTU standards
12. If I have five clarifications to the provisional answer key, I need to pay Rs online. 500 or Rs.2500?
Answer : You must make the online payment of Rs.2500. + Convenience fees (Rs.500 for clarification) along with the relevant details, as mentioned
on the online form.
13. Would I receive a refund for the amount I sent along with my clarifications?
Answer : You would be entitled to a refund only insofar as your clarifications are confirmed by the COMEDK academic committee. The refund
would be done on the candidate’s account after the completion of the COMEDK UGET 2021 process.
14. How will I know my test results?
Answer : Results will be sent under the candidate’s login on the COMEDK website ( to all eligible candidates only.
15. Does COMEDK send a printed copy of the Rank Card to applicants?
Answer : No, the classification cards must be downloaded and printed on our website. Printed copies would NOT be sent.
16. I can’t see the “submit” or “save” button on the online application form
Answer : Check the version of the browser you are currently using. Please use Internet Explorer (version 10 and later) or Mozilla
Firefox (48 and above) or Google Chrome (50 and above) to complete the registration form. Also clear your browsing and cache history and try again.
17. I realized that I made a mistake when filling out the registration form. What do I do?
Answer : If you have not clicked the “Submit” button, you can edit the registration form several times.
at the time of registration it cannot be changed later. If you have already completed your online application form and submitted the online form, no changes can be made. You have the option of filling out a new registration form with an alternate email ID. Yet please note that the one-time fee is non-refundable.
However, we will provide applicants with ease between April 20 and 22, 2020, to correct inadvertent errors committed to uploading photos and signatures and entering your academic details. Editing option for critical / exclusive areas
such as application name, date of birth, etc. are not allowed. Therefore, applicants are advised to review all information on the application form before clicking on the “submit” button.
18. How many exams do I have to take if I want to register for the COMEDK UGET and Uni GAUGE exams?
Answer : You will only take one exam. Previously, these exams were performed in two separate exams. COMEDK UGET was held as an offline entrance exam in Karnataka. Uni-GAUGE E was being made as an online entry across India.
On 12, In May 2019, these two exams will be held on “Same day” during “Same session” and as “A combined exam”.
19. What is the meaning of COMEDK?
Answer : COMEDK is a state exam, conducted by the Consortium of Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Dentistry of Karnataka (COMEDK) for admission to the B.E / B.Tech / B.Arch courses.
20. COMEDK is the same as KCET?
Answer : COMEDK is the consortium of medical and engineering colleges in Karnataka and is for admission to courses at the private colleges that participate or are members of them. In addition, KCET is only for students from Karnataka, while COMEDK is open to any student in the country.
21. What is COMEDK UGET 2020?
Answer : COMEDK UGET 2020 will be held in online mode (computer) in May. The examination carried out by the Karnataka Medical, Engineering and Dentistry Consortium (COMEDK) for admission to the B.E / B.Tech / B.Arch courses. COMEDK UGET is a state exam.
22. What is the COMEDK mock test?
Answer : The COMEDK UGET mock tests were a simulation of the actual exam and will include types of questions similar to the entrance exam. Consequently, the candidate can learn about the types of questions and weight given, which will help in the preparation.
23. Will COMEDK 2020 be postponed?
Answer : Yes, COMEDK 2020 was postponed by the Consortium due to the blocked in many states and COVID-19 cases are increasing in Karnataka. The exam is scheduled for August 19.
24. How can I practice at COMEDK 2020?
Answer : The COMEDK mock test is available on the Consortium’s official website from February 5. Candidates attending the exam can take the mock test online to get more ideas about the COMEDK question paper. Prior to taking the exam, COMEDK will launch six mock tests for the UGET 2020 exam. To take the COMEDK mock test, candidates needed to visit the official exam website and log in using their registered credentials.
25. Will admissions to BArch courses be based on the COMEDK written exam?
Answer : No. Applicants interested in entering BArch courses in the state must have attended NATA. However, the allocation of places at COMEDK colleges will be done through COMEDK advice.
26. How can I register for the COMEDK UGET exam?
Answer. You can order COMEDK UGET through online mode. Check the apps section for more details.
27. What is the registration fee for COMEDK UGET 2020?
Answer : The registration fee for COMEDK UGET 2020 was Rs. 1500 plus 18% GST and convenience fees. The registration fee for COMEDK UGET and Uni-GAUGE is Rs. 2400 plus 18% GST and convenience fees.
28. What is the marking scheme for COMEDK UGET 2020?
Answer: For each correct answer, the candidate will receive a grade. There will be no negative markup
29. I have a diploma. Am I eligible to register for COMEDK UGET 2020?
Answer : No, diploma holders cannot register for COMEDK UGET 2020.

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