How to become an IPS officer?

How to become an IPS officer?

The police department has the biggest role to run the law and order of any state, so the state government selects educated educated people for many posts to strengthen this department and improve the law and order of the state.

And when we talk about law and order or police department, then the IPS of this department is a post whose name comes first because it is considered to be very big and the most important post for the smooth running of law and order.

Today, who work hard to get a student, but the question of how to become an IPS is today to every student who wants to achieve this position by working hard. Because becoming an IPS officer is a dream of every student along with his mother’s father.

But many times, students do not get proper information about it, they are lagging behind in it or they are not able to clear its exam, but today we are going to share all the information about it keeping this in mind. Like how to become an IPS, eligibility, exam pattern and how to prepare for it?

So if you are also preparing for this and want to clear its exam, then the information given in this article can prove to be very important for you, read it carefully to the bottom –

How to become an IPS officer?

What is an IPS officer?
IPS, whose full name is Indian Police Service, is called Indian Police Service Which is a very big post of police department. We can say that an IPS officer is the head of the police department. In every district, one person is appointed on this post.

The officer appointed to this post, along with strengthening the law and order of his district, can directly take action against the criminal activities happening in the area. The examination related to this post is conducted by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) Commission. In which any eligible citizen of the country can participate.

IPS full Form
IPS Full Form is Indian Police Service, is known as Indian Police Service in Hindi.

Which exam needs to be passed to become an IPS officer?
For this post, the UPAC (Union Public Service Commission) Union Public Service Commission conducts the examination.

How to become an IPS officer?
IPS exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission which involves lakhs of candidates every year. But this is the exam of officer level, which is not an easy task to pass. After joining lakhs of candidates, only a few students can get ahead from here.

For this, the candidate has to undergo physical test, training etc. to pass various examinations, then he is able to confirm his claim to this post. Before joining exam, training etc. for this post, one has to get through many other qualifications.

Yes, if you want to appear in this exam, then some rules, eligibility rules have been prescribed by the Public Service Commission, which a candidate must have to appear in the examination. Which you can read in detail below –

Eligibility Criteria
Citizenship : To appear in this examination, the applicant beneficiary must have citizenship of India.

Educational Qualification : If you want to appear in this exam, for this you will have to complete your graduation. After passing 12th, you can complete your graduation from any discipline.

Age Limit : For appearing in this examination, the age limit of the candidate should be between 21 years to 30 years. Also, for the beneficiaries of ST and SC, it has been banned for 5 years of age.

Physical qualification to become an IPS
Physical ability is very important in Police Department, so some physical qualifications have been prescribed for this post which is as follows –

Physical fitness for men
To appear in this examination, a male must have a length of at least 165cm and chest 84cm. For the same ST, and SC beneficiaries, 160cm length beneficiaries can participate in it.

Physical fitness for women
It is necessary for women to have a length of 150cm G, if you fall in the ST, SC category, then you can join this examination even if you have a length of 145cm.

Complete information of how to become an IPS
If you want to become an IPS officer then this is a very good option for your future but for this you will have to work hard. Because it is not so easy to pass any exam of officer level.

And even today, every young person dreams of getting a government job for which the youth prepares a lot. Due to which competition is increasing considerably. Now, because the IPS G exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, it is quite difficult and every year millions of young students are involved in this exam.

But few young students get success or we can say that in this exam only those students are successful who have prepared this exam well and who have proper knowledge of this exam.

Now all the students are able to get the proper information about this exam and to prepare it easily, below we have told about some important points related to this exam. Which is going to be very important for students preparing for this exam or dreaming of becoming an IPS officer. So let’s know –

Pass 12th
To appear in this exam and become an IPS, first of all you have to complete your 12th studies. You can study 12th from any subject. You can do it with whom you are interested.

Do graduation
After studying 12th, you have to do graduation BA, BSc according to the interest of your subject. Because you can not appear in this exam without graduation.

Apply for UPSC exam
After completing 12th and graduation, you have to apply for UPAC Union Public Service Commission J on the recruitment related to this post. After applying for this, you have to pass such UPAC exam, then you will be included in further examinations related to this post, which you can read in detail below.

IPS Officer Exam Pattern
Examination: For the appointment of IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS and other administrative posts, the civil service exam conducted by UPSC has to be cleared. The Union Public Service Commission conducts tough exams like IAS, IRS, IPS which are quite difficult. Today we are talking about IPS, so the beneficiary to pass this exam has to pass the main 3 exams, which you can read in detail below –

Preliminary examination
For this post to be held in the Union Public Service, you must first pass the Preliminary Examination. It consists of two papers of 200-200 marks. In both the papers, objective type questions are asked:

Paper I: This paper of 200 marks covers National and International Current Affairs, Indian History and Indian National Movement, Geography of India and the World, Indian Monarchy and Governance (Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy), Economic and Social Development ( Objective questions are asked from subjects such as Sustainable Development, Poverty, Population), Environmental Ecology, Bio-Diversity, Climate Change and General Science. The time limit for adopting this paper is 2 hours.

Paper II: This paper of 200 marks asks questions related to comprehension, interpersonal skills, logical reasoning and analytical ability, decision making and problem solving, general mental ability, basic generality and data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables). The time limit for adopting this paper is 2 hours.

Main exam
After passing the Preliminary Examination, the beneficiary is included in the further Main Examination. The main exam of civil services consists of written examination and interview. There are a total of 9 papers in the written examination, of which two are for qualifying (A and B) and seven others.

Optional Subjects: Candidates for Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science, Anthropology, Botany, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Commerce and Accountancy, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Geography, Geology, History, Law, Management, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Science, Philosophy , Physics, Political Science and International Relations, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Statistics, Zoology and Language (Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Dogri, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Manipuri, Santhali, Santhi Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and English) can be selected as an optional subject.

Note : Apart from clearing the UPSC exam, you can also become an IPS officer by passing the state PSC exam. After passing state level exam, it takes eight to 10 years to become an SP.

After passing the Preliminary Examination and Main Examination, the candidate is included in the final round interview for the post of IPS officer. In this interview, during the time of 45 minutes, various questions related to general knowledge, constitution, pattern etc. are asked.

Training for IPS officer
After passing all the exams, the candidates who have passed the examination are sent for training. And after completing the assessor training, the beneficiary is appointed for this post.

IPS officer’s salary
IPS officer is a responsible post, so for this post, the government has made arrangements to give good salary as well as many other facilities. If you talk about its salary, then the person who gets selected on this post is given between 55000 to 90000 every month. Also, other facilities like government car, and a government accommodation are also given.

How to become an IPS officer?

Powers of IPS officer

Do you know what powers IPS have, these powers may vary in different positions, but below we have mainly talked about the powers that IPS has.

The most important responsibilities of an IPS officer are-

Prevention of Crimes – The most important function of an IPS officer is to prevent crimes in the society and within its field of work. An IPS officer is appointed as the SP of the district, hence it is his duty not to commit any kind of crime within his jurisdiction.

Preventing Accidents (Social, Economic etc.) – An APS is also responsible for accidents occurring socially and economically.

Detection of crimes – An IPS can conduct raids from time to time, and it is also the task of an IPS officer to detect and prevent crimes occurring within the field.

Registration for First Information Report – An IPS also asks for the report of the FIR lodged in the police station of its area, and it is also its responsibility to inspect it from time to time. Along with this, it is also the responsibility of the officer to properly investigate the complaints of citizens.

Providing security for the transportation of cash – IPS also has the power to provide security for the bank’s cash in its scope, if it is to transfer money to banks for cash, or to transfer it from one place to another. However, the police also have to take responsibility for it, and if there is more money, then an IPS officer can monitor it.

Granting permission for loudspeakers, rallies, political / religious functions – An IPS is also responsible for maintaining the legal system in its area, for which it allows any political or religious rallies in the area, and for this He also has the responsibility of security.

Court Safety and Compliance – An IPS officer has to maintain a legal system in his jurisdiction by following a court order, and if the court summons about this, he has to go to the court with the police side.

IPS officers Career options

Friends, now it comes to know where we can work and who will work in becoming an IPS officer, then I want to tell you that being an IPS All India Service Officer, both Central and State Governments Works for

He serves governments from the beginning of his career to an ASP officer to DGP, friends. An IPS officer is primarily a law observer. In this, you can work in many levels, it has been mentioned in the list below.

  1. Director-General Police (Top Most Post)
  2. Director-general police
  3. Superintendent of police
  4. Additional Superintendent of Police
  5. Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Sub-Division
  6. IPS Probationer
  7. Deputy Inspector General Police
  8. Additional Commissioner

How to prepare for IPS?
Today in the world of this competition rising in the field of education, you have to work hard to pass this exam, only then you can get success in it. As we have already told you about this exam pattern above, according to which you will have to prepare for this exam.

The rest of us have explained some important points below, according to which you can achieve success by preparing for this exam.

In this exam, questions related to current affairs general are asked the most, so you have to read your current affairs general knowledge questions the most. To increase general knowledge, you can use TV news, news paper, it is also very important for your interview.

Prepare the questions related to the Constitution of India thoroughly.
Keep sufficient information about sports world, knowledge science, country and abroad activities.

Questions related to Indian history, geography, Indian movement etc. are very important for this exam, read them well.
Coaching in a coaching institute is very important to pass any competition examination, because from here the most important points of exam preparation are focused and then it is prepared accordingly. So you too can take help of coaching institute for preparing for this exam.

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