A poor woodcutter story | Money tree

A poor woodcutter and Money tree

A poor woodcutter was cutting wood and going to his house. On the way he met a monk Baba. They were days of winter. Sadhu Baba was chilling with cold. The woodcutter burnt some wood near Sadhu Baba. He was very relaxed. Pleased, he gave a ring to Zachary. He told the woodcutter that if he would wear this ring and recite the mantra, then a tree of money would grow in front of him. Then he can break as much money as he wants. He also told the woodcutter a mantra. It was necessary to recite this mantra to grow the tree.

The woodcutter thanked Sadhu Baba and came to his house. He showed the ring to his wife. She was also very happy. Now whenever they needed money, they grew both trees.

One day one of his neighbors saw him doing this. He got tempted. One night he stole the ring. He put on the ring and waited for the money tree to grow. But nothing happened. He did not know that to grow a tree one also had to recite mantras.

The logger was upset there. He found a ring all over the house, but he could not find the ring anywhere. He reached Sadhu Baba after getting upset. Sadhu Baba detected the thief with his power.

The ring was with that greedy neighbor. Sadhu Baba took the ring from him. He was caught by the police and punished hard. That is why it is bad to steal.

Moral: Stealing is a bad thing.

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