Fruits of greed moral story for kids

                        Fruits of greed 

Haldwani was a small town. Ramesh Mithaiwale had a big shop in the same city.  He used to make very tasty sweets.  Gradually Ramesh Mithaiwale’s fame spread far and wide.

Most of the people started buying sweets from Ramesh  shop. As soon as the money increased, the brain of the sweet person reached the seventh sky.  In order to get more profit, now he started messing up in Naaptol too.

One day a clever customer came to his shop.  He asked for sweets from the sweetheart. Ramesh while weighing sweets, also showed a cleanliness of his hands.  But the customer was clever.  He immediately said, “Just be careful, brother. There is a disturbance in the weight of the sweet”.

Ramesh said, “What is the matter of worry, Sethji. If there is a slight disturbance in the weighment, then it is fine. You will have to lift a little weight.”  Which will also reduce your discomfort ”.

After listening to Ramesh , the customer decided to establish his wisdom.  He took a box of sweets from Ramesh . But while giving the money, he put a little less than the price in Ramesh hand.

When Ramesh counted those rupees, he found that the rupee is less than the price of sweets.  He looked at the customer.  On this, the customer said to Ramesh , “Yes, I have deliberately given you a small amount of money so that you will have less difficulty in counting the money.”

The way you thought of me that I have less difficulty in lifting the weight of the sweet box. Similarly, I thought of reducing your pain a little bit. That’s why I gave less money ”.

Saying this, the customer started laughing loudly. By that time many people gathered there.  The customer then narrated the entire incident to the people.  On hearing the incident, everyone present there started laughing loudly.

But cut the sweet one, there is no blood. He was overshadowed by his own cunning.  But the customer went from there smiling. After this, Ramesh  never decided not to mess with sweets.

 Moral Of The Story :  The fruits of greed are always bad.  That is why we should always avoid greed . 

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