Moral story : a tale of two frog

A Tale of two frogs

Two tadpoles (early stages of the frog) were floating around in great fun.  Both were wagging their tails and showing their game to the rest of the frogs.  Seeing this, an old frog said, ‘Move the tail as much as you want, it will disappear in a few days.’

Ha ha ha … The rest of the frogs started laughing …

The two tadpoles immediately went to their mother and asked her what the frog was saying, ‘Mom, will our tails really disappear?’

‘Yes, that is the law of nature.  When you are born, you have a small tail.  Then after a few days we develop.  Then that tail disappears and when you start to get legs, you can even go out of the well.  Can fly long distances and eat delicious insects, ‘said his mother.

The first tadpole thought after listening to my mother, I have more fun before the tail disappears.  He hits the lake several times and shows more than one trick … thinking that he started having fun again.

Another tadpole thought, this tail is going to disappear one day, so what’s the point of playing with the tail and having fun?  Let’s have fun when the legs come … and he started lying secretly in a corner of the well.

Then one day, both tadpoles evolved into frogs.  Both were very pleased.  He decided to leave the pool and go for a walk in the garden.  The first frog reached the shore and jumped out, while the second frog tried to jump.  But he could not jump, as if he had no life at his feet.

Frightened, he reached back to his mother and asked nervously, ‘Why are my legs not working?  My brother jumped up and went out.  So why couldn’t I do that? ‘

The mother said, ‘Son, it’s all because of you.  You stopped using it one day as the tail was about to disappear and secretly lay in a corner.  I explained a lot, but you didn’t listen.  So your body became weak.  The limbs that were supposed to grow have not grown, and the legs that have been waiting for so long are now weakened.  I’m sorry  But, now you have to spend your whole life in the well.

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